The horse will use VR technology to launch panoramic panoramic live Promo – Sports Sohu   Shanghai marathon this weekend to start today, reporters learned from the organizing committee, this year launched the use of VR technology, the Panorama broadcast to the audience to bring a new visual experience. This is also the technology used in the world for the first time in the marathon race. This year launched a week ahead of schedule, will start at 7 am on October 30th, starting from the Taurus square, which is also the first time to put the game on October. From the line of events has been announced, this year launched in the overall route remains unchanged, while optimizing some of the tracks. The new adjustment of the event route covers more of the city’s classic landscape of Shanghai, the United States and the most beautiful urban landscape in Shanghai launched on the track. This year, in order to provide more runners personally on the scene spectator experience, event organizers decided to introduce the new VR technology, for this year’s Shanghai marathon live panorama. In the implementation of VR live, live events will use mobile 4G signal, live video compression pre upload, at the same time using three seats for HD broadcast, switching station will be in the cloud independently, video codec and compression, CDN accelerated by FANC VR. The VR live technical support is to focus on sports VR pan class Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd., through the FANC VR business, launched a live broadcast. VR live to provide a new way to live, although the development process is still in progress, but compared with the traditional live, has shown a lot of obvious advantages. Especially personally on the scene spectator experience, this is the ordinary TV incomparable. In addition, in order to let the players feel ahead of Horse Charm, Shanghai to experience local customs and practices, the Organizing Committee launched a special beauty with your horse around the track "panoramic video. In the panoramic video, the audience can follow the footsteps of the beauty runner, immersive observation of the track through several Shanghai landmark landscape. (source: Sohu sports)相关的主题文章: