The injured soldiers discharged due to injury, peacekeeping in southern Sultan and Mali peacekeeping Sohu Military Channel 23 August, Xinhua news agency, Beijing: Southern Sultan in the implementation of United Nations peacekeeping mission wounded Chen Ying, Hoya 23 recovered. At this point, from Mali and South Sultan and wounded 6 soldiers to cure have been cured. [June 27th] and was wounded and in July 17th, the army general hospital for active treatment of 2 batches of a total of 6 peacekeepers were wounded, as in United Nations peacekeeping mission, Li Tao Bian Long, Si Chongchang injured, double Ding Fujian, responsible for Southern Sultan peacekeeping wounded Chen Ying, Huo Yahui. Si Chongchang left facial explosive injury, left lower limb fracture, Li Tao double lower limb explosive injury, right lower limb fracture. The army general hospital as they first fixed, wound cleaning operation after fracture, and Li Tao wound skin grafting, conservative treatment for maxillofacial trauma Si Chongchang. They have been in August 16th, 17 were discharged. Bian long, Ding Fujian are caused by blast injury tympanic membrane perforation, hearing loss, management of nerve and other treatment, tympanic membrane healing, hearing the basic recovery, in July 15th discharged. Chen Ying, Hoya due to the explosion caused the left iliac vascular injury and lower extremity residual shrapnel. The army general hospital expert group set 3 sets, 2 sets of surgical treatment plan, Chen Ying successfully removed femoral vein thrombosis 3 cases, 2 pieces of shrapnel, shrapnel up to maximum 2.2× 0.6cm. The operation was also very successful. After the surgery, General Hospital of the army carried out 24 hours of intensive care treatment for them, carefully arranged nutrition package, and psychological counseling and rehabilitation exercise, accelerate their physical rehabilitation.相关的主题文章: