The hot city intensive four plan first-tier cities no – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network hot city intensive land supply plan four first-tier cities no reporter Ye Kai in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of land for the land, some of the real estate market hot city recently issued 2019 2017~ three years of residential land supply plan, in order to stabilize market expectations. The Ministry of land regulation and monitoring department also said recently, should adhere to the principle of "from the city facilities strategy, classification regulation, and actively cooperate with the local government and relevant departments of the real estate market regulation, supervision and guidance throughout the full respect for the laws of the market operation, take timely macro-control, by closely tracking market trends, timely analysis; reasonable compiled and published for the program, the market is expected to stabilize. How to make the plan for the next three years in November 1st, Hefei City Land Resources Bureau announced that, according to the Department of homeland, the bureau established the city 2017~2019 residential land supply plan three years rolling, the total supply of residential land about 32500 acres. Specific annual residential land supply plan, in accordance with the annual real estate market conditions, supply and demand is expected to determine the implementation of dynamic management. Tianjin City Land Bureau recently released 2017~2019 residential land supply for three years rolling plan, specifically for 2017, a total of 560 hectares, in 2018, a total of 550 hectares in 2019, a total of 540 hectares of land in the year of 1650 hectares. The Bureau said that for the next three years, the supply of residential land market to provide more adequate land, but also for the future of the city’s commercial housing continued to lay the foundation for listing. November 1st, the Ji’nan Municipal Land Bureau announced the next 3 years of residential land supply plan announcement, 2017~2019, the city of Ji’nan plans to supply an annual average of about 7000 acres of residential land. At the end of October, Wuhan City Land Bureau official website also released the 2016 annual fourth quarter residential land supply plan and 2017~2019 three years rolling plan. November 4th, Zhengzhou City Land Bureau announced that in 2017 plans to supply 840 hectares of residential land, in 2018 plans to supply a total of 780 hectares, in 2019 plans to supply a total of 780 hectares, a total of 2400 hectares in. Specific annual residential land supply plan, in accordance with the annual real estate market conditions, market demand for the preparation of residential land market supply sufficient land supply. According to the first financial reporter, as of now, the Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen four cities have not yet released a similar plan for. This year, some of the hot city land supply is insufficient, while housing prices ample funds, the situation of high price of competing land. The Ministry of land, land Chinese land surveying and Planning Institute Zhao Song said, the third quarter of this year, the main city in the national monitoring, residential land prices rose city number reached 90% QoQ, up more than 80%; report the number of abnormal trading block, the average premium rate and the average bid rounds were significantly increased, some city "price" frequency. In the three quarter of 2016, the number of abnormal land transactions reported in all cases (including the first tier cities reported a total of 10 cases, two), with a total of about $176.相关的主题文章: