Before the girls and "tomboy" morning to find out the scene police arrests today about this stimulus, wide Jun let us take a picture! Look at the two in the middle of the mosaic. Guess whether it’s a man or a woman? Black hair with the good guess, girl! The one in the red dress! Hum, the mosaic of King Guang is so good that it looks like this, and I don’t believe you can guess! Okay, you also don’t nonsense, this is a "tomboy"! That is to say, it is a woman friend who loves to wear men’s clothes. Look at the picture of the background, yo, certainly is in the Public Security Bureau, the next two magnificent Chinese paper, needless to say, the police Milo! Look, the fake boy and the girl still have handcuffs on their hands. It is committed! See here is strange, you said, look like a little girl and a head is not high "tomboy" can make anything, let the police Milo to catch! To say, this thing is not small, because they go to stimulate! Look at the map! Two the right ride electric vehicles, is the little girl and boy, look at all monitoring points, two people do not rest at home, what to do? If Ms. Wang Shishi now see this action figure, will say, wicked ah, this is a man and a woman two young villain! It turned out that the two men were robbed of the flying car that night. So the two do not pull a few, thin woman dare come out robbery? At this time, the masses of onlookers who left hand eat half a melon, carry forward the Chaoyang District masses of the dauntless spirit, began to encircle! So, to run the two young villain leaving the vehicle! Don’t think you can’t find someone running! The police Milo is not blowing! Area police station rushed to the scene, found a case of the discarded electric box, case name is Wu Mouni, born in 1993, was beaten and injured injury. Shishi Public Security Bureau police station Yuwei village scenery just recently in Shishi the name of women, 1993 is only one. Continue to associate the relevant police information, we found that in August 15th, the woman had reported that she had been beaten, which coincided with the visiting time on the medical record. We initially judged that it might be a suspect. Police picked up the monitoring, found that Wu Mouni was in front of the tower in the night before the job market, and then returned to the site of the flying car robbery. However, the police found the place where she lived, have been left vacant. The police were on the scene will come, 4 a.m., two suspects back to the residence, was squatting police caught. Shishi Public Security Bureau police station after the scenery is not found that Yuwei Zhuang caught a man and a woman, 2 girls, one dressed more like a boy. Do you say you two, and learn people to take a flying car and grab it? What the hell is it for? The answer of the two people was true, "look for the excitement!" I find exciting, wearing a chain and a photo of the police Milo, to jail, enough excitement! Here, we urge you to find stimulating young people, middle-aged people and the elderly. Please control your emotions. It’s not that you want to look for it, but you can find it. Please live in HOLD!

女生和“假小子”凌晨出去找刺激 民警现场抓人 今天讲这事儿之前,广角君先让大家看一张图片!先瞧瞧中间打马赛克的那两位,您猜猜是男是女?黑衣服有发髻的那位好猜,女的!穿红衣服的那位呢!哼哼,广角君的马赛克打得那么好,就看这穿着,我就不信你们猜得出来!行了,也不和你们瞎扯了,这是个“假小子”!也就是说是个爱穿男装的女性朋友!看图片的背景,哟,肯定的是在公安局了,那旁边两位威武雄壮的汉纸,不用说,警察蜀黍咯!瞧瞧,这假小子和小女生手上都还带着铐子呢!看来是犯事儿了!看到这儿可就奇怪了,你说,一个看上去柔弱的小女生和一个个头也不高的“假小子”能犯了啥事儿,让警察蜀黍给逮了呀!说来,这事儿也不小,因为她俩去找刺激了!下来看张动图!这图里骑电动车的两位,就是小女生和假小子,瞧瞧监控,都凌晨一点多了,两人不在家里休息,干啥来了呢?要是石狮的王女士现在看到这样动图,肯定会说,妖兽啊,就是这个一男一女两个歹人仔!原来,王女士就是在那天晚上,被这俩人给飞车抢夺了!就这么两个瘦不拉几、弱不禁风的小女子还敢出来飞车抢夺?此时,围观的群众们丢下了手中吃一半的瓜,发扬朝阳区群众的大无畏精神,开始围追堵截!于是,这两个歹人仔丢下电动车就给跑了!别以为人跑了就找不着你了!警察蜀黍可不是吹的!灵秀派出所民警赶到现场,在被丢弃的电动车后箱发现一本病例,病例上的名字为吴某妮,1993年生,伤情为殴打致伤。石狮市公安局灵秀派出所民警 庄煜威正好最近在石狮出现的叫这个名字的女性,1993年的就只有一个。继续关联相关的警情,就发现在8月15号,这名女性有报案说被人打了,正好跟病历上的就诊时间是吻合的,我们就初步判断说这个可能就是嫌疑人。民警调取监控,发现当晚吴某妮曾经过塔前招工市场,后又折返到案发地点进行飞车抢夺。不过,警方找到她住的地方,已人去楼空。民警们便在现场守株待兔,凌晨4点左右,两名犯罪嫌疑人回到住处,被蹲守的民警抓了个正着。石狮市公安局灵秀派出所民警 庄煜威抓到之后发现说 并非是一男一女,是2个女生,一个打扮得比较像男孩子。你说就你们俩这样的,还学人去飞车抢夺?到底为了啥?两人的回答倒也实在:“找刺激呗!”哟哟,找刺激,这下能戴个铐子和警察蜀黍合个影,还得牢狱之灾,够刺激了吧!这里,本君奉劝各位想找刺激的年轻人、中年人以及老年人,请控制一下你们的情绪,刺激不是你想找,想找就能找!请HOLD住!相关的主题文章: