The fourth Red Bull skateboarding in a sand – Sohu to bring tourism opening a skateboarder more creative inspiration, will not feel the same challenges, Red Bull skateboard fourth annual season this year moved to the Northwest China in Inner Mongolia desert, Ulan Buh Desert hinterland, the natural formation of the weathered sand hills and undulating dunes as the foundation, to create the one and only the slide track, launched the first Desert Hawk jumping tournament. The fourth Red Bull skateboarding mad sand player Zhou Wei show robust prance feet movements are relaxing at the Games were in August 24, 25, two. After the first day of the competition, Li Zhixing and Deng Junyan, Red Bull skater Lin Senzheng and other 1 players in two rounds of preliminaries talent shows itself in the competition, the ultimate success of the last second days, get the final qualification. On the same day at three pm, the hot sun gradually disappeared behind the clouds. Red Bull slide open halfway, the sunny sky suddenly a strong wind blowing sand, a large number of objects, the endogenous variables for the game steep. Amateur players competing against the challenges are not a small impact, relatively professional athletes have been affected by the bad weather, performance is still good. A venue located in the depression Red Bull skateboard Ulanbuh Desert, all surrounded by golden sand dunes. In order to make the site and peculiar landforms are fully integrated, track designer who is also a skater Zhou Wei, specifically the use of yellowish bark as the main track in the background, the central bowl painted pattern blue green waves, coupled with a hollowed out center hexagonal props, as to the participating skaters and the crowd presents a novel "desert oasis", will be more from street skateboarding dynamism very vivid interpretation. Red Bull slip hand Li Zhixing perfect interpretation of high difficulty teenager Qiu Zhuo performed well, the ability to control the imagination beyond everyone’s Li Shun in the moment of rapid prance table to step and diagonal props distance design is challenging, several attempts have been resistance." Ukraine player Sonik is no doubt to conquer this site full of expectations. Seemingly simple, full of fashion sense of the track, but the difficulty is not low. Severe wind for the players to play the normal play a lot of difficulties. Lu Junyan from Hongkong is bluntly: after a slip of the eyes are sand, the next game can only rely on the feeling." With the continuous improvement of wind, steady in the first round, after the successful completion of the Backside Smith, Melon Grab over High Gap, Tre-Flip and a series of actions of Li Zhixing, in the second round of the competition there have been some small mistakes, which he said in the final will overcome these unexpected factors, and strive to perfect. In the two rounds of competition between a break, guest, American occupation skater Chris · Malkovich, Whitaker and Christian · 22 contestants performed together. At this moment, the players put down.相关的主题文章: