The first Sanya Youth Football League   will continue until the end of December — Hainan windows — on the night of September 29th, the Sanya City Sports Center football field, Sanya ninth primary school and primary school football team in the game Yangnan Kyrgyzstan to pinqiang. Newspaper reporter Yuan Yongdong photo the evening of September 29th, the first Sanya Youth Football League officially start at the Sanya Institute of technicians, hundreds of teams from the city and the big Sanya tourism circle in a total of more than 2000 players, this is one of the biggest football tournament in Sanya in recent years. Vice mayor Xu Zhenling announced the start of the youth football league. The original Chinese soccer team, Guangzhou Hengda football club coach Li Tie and other guests attended the opening ceremony. Xu Zhenling said that football has a unique charm, pregnant with a rich connotation, is a high-grade sports. Football brings happiness to people and makes people more energetic. The team used the spare time training, preparing for, believe that they will all give a good game, it will set off a new upsurge of fitness. In recent years, under the correct leadership of the Sanya municipal government, the city’s football development. The city’s primary and secondary schools to actively carry out the campus football, football included in the teaching content of physical education, the proportion of college, has made gratifying achievements. The game will promote the city’s football level, to promote the development of national fitness campaign. It is reported that the Youth Football League is divided into two groups of youth and youth groups. Among them, the young group of players aged 18 to 45 years of age, 11 people made the competition; youth group is the campus within 11 to 18 years old students, a total of 61 teams from the city’s 45 schools participating, 5 people, 8 people and 11 people in the game, and take the subject form field. The Organizing Committee of the person in charge, the League will use out of circulation and manner, the first phase of the double cycle race teams away, according to the level of the first phase of the integral scheduled seating. In the second stage, cross eliminated in accordance with the first phase of the rankings, decide until the last championship, the team can make as much as possible to get exercise, also to the fans more games exciting showdown, the League will continue until the end of December. (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: