The first China (long) International New Media Arts Festival staged on October – Beijing, Jinping, September (Xinhua) the first China (long) International New Media Arts Festival, will be 5 to 10 years on the appearance of the ancient city of Guizhou in the ancient city of. 13, the festival press conference held in Beijing. The conference with the new media and the strength of the artist to analyze the characteristics of the ancient city of long. It is understood that the new media festival organized by the art festival star anchor contest is also in progress. The contest for global recruiting, is still in the audition stage the whole network popular hot competition, the emergence of a large number of artistic temperament and taste of youth anchor, enrollment has broken thousands and are still soaring. Now still through the Hunan radio and television entertainment channel WeChat public number, we love entertainment and the official account of the organizing committee, the United States and the United States, Jinping, two public numbers to apply for election. To 19 this month, for the 10 anchor, will enter in the old town, as a "town – live through the advance team from eat and drink, play, music, travel of full live" tour Longli ", and participate in Chinese’s first micro film journey to live. In addition, art will also visit Hunan TV star anchor "every day", the renowned artist and brother every day with the screen interactive. In the opening ceremony of the art festival, Wang Han will also host and robot jointly hosted the interest and sense of technology integration, then the Wang Han line of the star anchor, in the long ancient city will be full angle and multi dimension show in front of everyone.相关的主题文章: