The EU to strengthen defense national security field out of self defense first step – Beijing, Beijing, November 15, according to foreign media reports, a consensus meeting EU defense and foreign ministers of the 14 day held in Brussels, decided to strengthen the capacity of the EU in the field of defense and security. Under the plan, the EU will strengthen coordination in areas such as peacekeeping operations outside the eu. But the EU’s foreign policy chief, Mo Guerrini, stressed that the EU does not want to compete with NATO, nor does it want to build a European army. She added that the plan was already under consideration before the election of US Republican presidential candidate Trump. Trump has criticized NATO member states in the campaign for some of the EU’s defense spending is too low, and said the United States may not be an attack on the NATO allies automatically come forward to rescue. Mo Guerrini said to the media, the plan for the EU’s security and defense, is a qualitative leap." The purpose of the plan, she says, is to keep the EU and its citizens safe at home and abroad in this uncertain world. French defense minister Lud Leon said, Europe needs to be able to take action on their own security." However, the U.S. national security adviser Susan rice stressed that the United States will continue to abide by the obligations of mutual defense after the ruling of Trump. President Obama, who set out to visit Europe, said he spoke to Mr Trump in support of a strong nato.相关的主题文章: