Quanqian "card Captor Sakura" endless store "opened" card Captor Sakura as everyone’s childhood memories of this year also ushered in the 20th anniversary anniversary. Of course, the official will not miss such a good chance of money, in addition to constantly launch joint goods and surrounding, in Tokyo opened a limited Shinjuku store. It is reported that the shop is open from September 16th to October 4th, for a period of three weeks. In the days before the seal of staff caused by topic online and small will be here to sell. Of course, there are many shops on the "card Captor Sakura" posters and animation of the original. A photo area was specially arranged in the store for visitors to take pictures. "CLAMP" is a card Captor Sakura studio works, can be said to be one of the domestic cartoon buddies first contact. The work tells the girl Sakura one day will not be because the Clow cards scattered throughout, so she embarks on a journey to rein in "Kuluo brand". The time axis of the new comic book has come to the beginning of the first day, and Sakura began to encounter new events after an incredible dream. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

圈钱无止境 《魔卡少女樱》专卖店开业《魔卡少女樱》作为大家的童年回忆之一,今年也迎来了二十周年的纪念。官方当然不会放过这样一个圈钱的好机会,除了不停地推出联合商品和周边之外,还在东京新宿开了一家限定专卖店。据悉,这家店的营业时间是从9月16日到10月4日,为期三个星期。之前在日网上造成话题的封印之杖和小可都会在这里售出。当然店里面还有很多关于《魔卡少女樱》的海报和动画制作时的原稿。店里还特别布置了一个拍照区域,供来到这里的游客拍照留念。《魔卡少女樱》是CLAMP工作室的作品,可以说是国内的小伙伴们最早接触的少女漫画之一。作品讲述了少女小樱某天因为不小心将库洛牌散落各地,为此她踏上收服“库洛牌”的旅程。此前推出的新连载漫画的时间轴已经到了初一,小樱在做了一个不可思议的梦之后,开始遇到了新的事件。 点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: