The drunken man jumped into the reservoir to floating life insurance is difficult to rescue (Figure) – Beijing man was rescued by the fire brigade diving. Sichuan, Bazhong online news (Yang Qiu reporter Shi Haowen) the afternoon of August 24th, a drunken man jumped into the Bazhou District West Street Dalian village Blackstone cavity reservoir water. After receiving the fire alarm, immediately rushed to the scene for disposal. Fire officers and soldiers to carry out rescue diving man. It is understood that the man jumped into the reservoir after drinking because of family disputes, because of the survival instinct to make it tightly floating on the surface of the floating debris, and then the family found, and immediately call 119 for help. After the scene of the fire brigade investigation, the man holding the hands of floating objects, head exposed in the water, drunk, at any time the risk of drowning. The fire brigade immediately use rubber boats to rescue maneuver launching, arrived at the man beside the fire officers and soldiers, with both hands to keep their arms to prevent accidents, but because the man drunk and serious physical overdraft, let go of the hold before floating, increasing the difficulty of the rescue. Subsequently, the fire brigade use life safety rope tied on the raft, and the other end of the safety rope thrown to the shore of the fire brigade, slowly pull drag boats ashore, trapped successfully rescued, and the man was handed over to the family. Fire officers and soldiers to remind: if found drowning, should promptly call 119 alarm. After being rescued ashore drowning, such as coma, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, etc., should immediately take measures to carry out on-site first aid, and then transferred to the hospital rescue. (news hotline 0827-5188332)相关的主题文章: