The drunk smashed cars caught watching the video after the start he relent – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Guo Dan) the day before, Mr. Wang parked in the village of Changping District South Hao a house beside the car, being the front hood and windshield smashed out several holes, to see people smashed cars through the police station surveillance video looks after, Mr. Wang was found in the car. According to Mr. Wang speaking, more than 7 points in September 15th morning, found himself parked on the roadside car smashed after him to the Changping police station. He provided reporters through the video and photos to see, on the same day at 3:19 in the morning, a man threw Mr. Wang appeared in the car, a step to the front hood, kept stomping, and then directed the front windshield is a kick. Mr. Wang in the squatting beside the road. "People have smashed cars back that night". At first, the man denied a car. But in the face of surveillance video, the man loosened his mouth. "Drunk unconscious will hit my car, if not to watch the video, he did not recall". Reporters learned that the man had been on the day before Mr. Wang repair.相关的主题文章: