The daughter of Zhang Yimou Zhang at the end of his debut   Ni Ni series from " into " " goddess; female neural " – entertainment channel — original title: "daughter" and "girl" together "28 minor" in Ning Ying point directed by Zhang, Ni Ni, Wallace Huo Ma Su, Wang, starring 2016 year love comedy film "28 minor" will be released in December 2nd, the film yesterday in Nanjing Ying point. The film is the daughter of Zhang Yimou’s first director Zhang works late, the "daughter" and "girl" joined forces to make the audience have to point praise, Nanjing girl Ni Ni in the movie "who played horns". Ni Ni in the play from the "goddess" into "comedy part of the film female nerve is rich, create new styles" mental through "let people find everything fresh and new, the protagonist Ni Ni body and living conditions were not changed, but her mind is in the 17 and 28 years old between the stop switch, the piece children" behaviour makes people around him more puzzling, which triggered a series of funny stories. Also, the film "Ni Ni who played horns", regardless of the image of self breakthrough turned "fine girl", from the "goddess" to "strong contrast of female nerve is the collision of many unexpected delight. So many women in the audience said that Ni Ni shuttle in two stages, try different ways, her experience also reflects a generation of young people’s survival condition, "come to think of it many tears, I saw your shadow from the cool summer body, we have lost myself, have to love regardless of personal danger." The audience in the movie summer feeling, in pain perception and their growth, in reality it has been trying to find the beginning of the heart, "this is for all the girls to see the film, no matter what age, don’t forget to love yourself". Zhang and Ni Ni become attached to the end of the "Thirteen beauties" it is understood that five years ago, five years ago, Ni Ni in Zhang Yimou’s "The Flowers Of War" as the female lead, the "girl" identity debut. Zhang also carries on the film directed by Zhang Yimou’s "father warmly in The Flowers Of War" served as editor and deputy director, Zhang and Ni Ni at the end of the fate is also self started filming movie "The Flowers Of War". So there are fans said, "from The Flowers Of War" to "28 minor", two people five years have experienced the growth and transformation of their own, the highly anticipated second cooperation. News of Zhang Yimou and Zhang at the end of the film and the two "hit the file" December interestingly, reporters see the December single Zhang Yimou found his new film "the Great Wall" will also be released in December 16th, with a 28 year old daughter at the end of the "minor" was released two weeks apart. The Great Wall tells the story of William, a European mercenary, who discovered the secret of one of the greatest wonders of the world during his captivity in the Great Wall. When the wave of another wave of terrible predators will this giant wall besieged when William joined a team consisting of Chinese elite warriors of the army against the fierce beast story. Many users have seen before the notice of exposure, said相关的主题文章: