A good man, a few 300 thousand reliable 7 seat SUV recommend a lighter, a suit can reflect a man’s taste, but for married men, choose what kind of car, in addition to reflect the man’s aesthetic pursuit, can see his family values from. Perhaps, in earlier years to enjoy the business expansion layout has been on the road for fully and delightfully, the pursuit of free and uninhibited thrills, and faded glitz, will marry and settle down, the focus shifted to the family of children, no doubt more will consider the whole family’s actual demand for cars and travel experience. With 7 seats, 7 seat SUV models more space, more practical, safety is undoubtedly the ideal choice, not only got his wife and children, but also to take care of both parents, care for this and lose that don’t worry. In fact, the 7 seat SUV because of its advantages of space and household property strongly, is attracting more and more for the first time Car Buying two times to the big family of favor today to recommend a few more reliable in the high-end models, for you and Gu Jianan. Recommended: Dodge Charger (United States Department of import) price range: 27.49 – 372 thousand and 900 yuan recommend reason: import quality, cost-effective configuration utility, Dodge Charger as one of the few imported models in 7 SUV segments, has always adhered to the United States Department of imported cars of high quality, rare import status, American dominance good appearance and intimate space and the desire of the configuration, in the 7 seat SUV market is particularly prominent in potential enemies. Adhering to carry forward the American SUV style, rather than a number of Japanese Korean SUV, cool appearance is more tall and domineering, body length is 4910mm, the wheelbase has reached to the poor 2890mm, the second and third row space is more spacious and comfortable seat in the three layer optimization design makes the three layers of elevated Theatre row passengers sitting and get a better view. After the two row together with the copilot can fully recline, forming 256 spatial combination, compatible with all family car needs almost daily life, the holidays bring equipment outing is an easy job to do. The biggest highlight is the model import quality and rich kind of configuration, with hundreds of international vehicle standards and testing standards, safety, installation of rear side airbags, ERM anti rollover system, traction control system and passive safety equipment than domestic testing Goods are available in all varieties., more stringent U.S. Highway Safety Association IIHS double E-Ncap+ the five-star safety evaluation, is a good choice and the pursuit of a mature man. In addition, the whole system comes standard with 8.4 inch intelligent vehicle information entertainment system, a 9 inch LCD independent video system, three air conditioning, Keyless GO a key automatic start leapfrog configuration is Poxian U.S. Department of imported cars and luxury good, it is still the same level models only equipped with the original vehicle with integrated child safety seat models, without removing the space, the safety coefficient is higher, so many super daddy liked. Recommendation two: TOYOTA Highlander: 23.98-42.28 million price interval recommended reason: stable quality, comparison of various aspects of performance.相关的主题文章: