The Changying Century City double eleven monomer on average per capita 56 play a period of Yuantong paradise – tourism Sohu Changying Century City double eleven monomer lying 56 per capita play Yuantong park more and more cold weather, do not see snow, do not step into the waves, in an awkward position of the season, on the child abuse wallet eleven. Many people said that compared to a grand shopping spree, more willing to come to a stubborn winter tourism. November 11th to 13, the Changying century city will be held three days of Carnival feast. For the majority of fans, whether single or level, can meet your playful taste buds, achieve your desire to travel in winter. Fingers move easily raise the public 0.1 yuan a play Paradise this day, Changying Century City launched a new offbeat gameplay, making "0.1 yuan swim" concept, on November 1st, the official service number of WeChat (cysjcfwh) launched online activities to raise public. Participants spend 0.1 yuan per person to get the lottery eligibility, the number of participants in the full of 11 people, that is, by way of a lottery ticket. Not winning fans can get a value of 5 yuan day special ticket vouchers, but during the period from November 11, 2016 to 13, buy singles for single or double row tickets when the cash in the official WeChat. It is reported that during the event of Changying century city will send 1111 free tickets. So preferential straight people get soft. The Changying century city history the most preferential 56 yuan per capita to take you to see the snow removal in addition to the public to raise single romantic play, Changying century city also is the eleven launch a special 111 yuan and 111+1 yuan for Solo singles off the single double row tickets. Also, each ticket holders can also lead the 1 70 years of age or older (including) 1 at the height of 1.1 meters (inclusive) below the children free admission. In addition to the rides, then walk north, you will see the maple trees, storied dip of the field, all the straw stack sedentary and high mountains and lofty hills vast expanse of snow. By then, the joy of Changying Century City, the great beauty of northeast snow village, will bring you a sense of the purity of the soul "pilgrimage", a typical winter tourism experience. Single party willful Carnival you consume Changying century city to pay according to the reporter, the double eleven period, echoing online promotions, Changying Century City Park will also perform a variety of preferential program, create the history of the package. Garden during participate in WeChat shake, get 240 yuan package, and single and group, you consume me. Warriors collection order, the purchase of tourist passports, set interstellar adventure, the 2 very thrilling theme of the subject of the site of the seal, you can change the key to commemorate the 1. A "buy" to buy affordable, Changying Century City Theme souvenir total consumption of 110 yuan, plus 1 yuan can buy a specified commodity. There are more hot commodity sales, a solution for your double eleven "cut the hand addiction.相关的主题文章: