The candidates of the two parties to celebrate the election day in New York City Police News – Sohu prepared to meet the challenge with heavy weapons in New York city police ready contingency election. In November 8,   comprehensive report, the democratic and Republican presidential candidate for the first time in 70 years in the New York City Election Day celebrations, the police of the city of New York said it would secure the November 8th election day prepared to meet the challenge, safety. According to reports, the New York city mayor Baisi Hao and police officials said on 7 November 8th, election day, there will be deployed more than 5000 police officers to Hilary and Trump in the evening in the city of Manhattan. Police will also strengthen the deployment of the voting place in the city. The American media said that this is the 70 years of two party presidential candidate for the first time in the New York city election day celebrations. Police forces include heavy weapons teams for emergency response to terrorist threats. Uniformed police and plainclothes police will have a large distribution at the subway station and Times Square and other crowded places. According to another report, the New York Municipal Police Bureau official Gomez said that the city’s deployment of the police more than two times the previous peak period of the election. Miller, deputy director of the intelligence and counterterrorism Department of the police, referred to the threat of extremist groups, the Islamic state, but denied that the group would act. 8 day, Trone for universal suffrage Day celebrations held in New York Hilton Hotel and Hilary celebration held around the Javits Convention Center Street will be closed. On the other hand, the U.S. Justice Department said, will send more than and 500 people to 28 state supervision and vote on election day. Attorney general Lynch said in a statement, the Department is determined to ensure that all eligible voters can participate in the election. Reported that the United States Department of justice this year, the number of people to monitor and monitor the election than 4 years ago to reduce by 35%, which is due to the Supreme Court ruling in 2013 abolished the voting rights act, the key provisions. In the general election in 2012, the Justice Department sent 780 monitors and observers.相关的主题文章: