The 120th session of the Canton Fair will be opened in October to increase the intensity of international investment – China News Agency, Beijing, September (reporter Li Xiaoyu) – the 120th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be opened on October. Li Jinqi, director of the China Foreign Trade Center, 29, said in Beijing, the International Trade Fair has increased the intensity of investment. Li Jinqi said that the 120th session of the Canton Fair a total of 60250 booths, exhibitors at home and abroad, 2.45. Export exhibition area 50, the total number of booths, the domestic exhibitors 2.39, the total number of imported booths, about 40 countries and regions from the exhibition of the 615 companies in the 998. At present, China foreign trade import and export is stabilized to the good trend, the cumulative decline has continued for 6 consecutive months narrowed, but still downward pressure. In this case, according to Li Jinqi, the Canton Fair to take various measures to increase the international investment, including Google, YAHOO and other world-renowned search engine promotion, promote global video investment, increase the The Belt and Road national merchants invitation efforts. As of September 26th, through social media, search engines and other Internet channels have attracted more than 50 thousand buyers pre registered to participate. Compared with the previous, the Canton Fair will continue to optimize the exhibition exhibits set, which has 27 exhibition set up exhibition area, more than 120 exhibitors accounted for 20%. In addition, the fair will continue to enrich the exhibition features, organized by the international market, industry summit and other topics of the forum, to guide enterprises to take the road of innovation and development. The fair was founded in the spring of 1957, Chinese is currently the longest history, the largest and most types of goods, to be the most customers, with the best comprehensive international trade event, is regarded as a barometer of China "foreign trade" and "wind vane". Official data show that in recent years, every year, brought together more than 2.4 China exhibitors, attracted more than 210 countries and regions, nearly 200 thousand to the international purchaser to play an important role in fostering independent brand Chinese enterprises to explore the international market and support. (end)相关的主题文章: