"That bloom on a perfect circle will take Chen Xiaobian Shaanxi" unruly two rich generation – Sohu Sohu Chen Xiao entertainment entertainment news of the Chinese television entertainment LED product "that bloom" the recent upcoming month circle. Since the play was announced by Sun Li, starring Chen Xiao, the role played by the two men in the play has sparked a heated discussion and conjecture. The marriage of Chen Xiaoda debut, revealed for the first time will be played free Shaanxi wealthy young master "Xing Sheng shift". It is reported that the play will be directed by the famous director Ding Hei, Chen Xiaohe Sun Li’s first partner belongs to the interpretation of the legendary Shaanxi qin-businrss moving, creating 2017 year’s most popular works. The role of Chen Xiao for the first time exposure, "Little Shenyang two rich men’s sons will be on the line that bloom on a perfect circle" male slave exposure at the beginning of concern, but about Chen Xiao’s role in the play but has not announced, in the exposure of the VCR, Chen Xiao said he played Shaanxi is a wealthy young master — Xing Sheng shift. It is reported that the Xing Sheng shift appearance is a much loved since childhood, rich men’s sons, good stunts, but do not lose heart of sunlight and pure, it is to be so good, and in Sun Li’s Zhou Ying process along, Xing Sheng moved gradually with the growth and transformation reborn: impulse of passion uninhibited turn for the determination of. "National male god Chen Xiao will be the two generation of this cynical interpretation of rich and profound friendship, this role will give fans bring what kind of surprise, really exciting. The two degrees, Chen Xiaoding black hand acting hanging open except "Xing Sheng shift" role of exposure, again in collaboration with director Ding Hei Chen Xiao the same concern, in 2012 Chen Xiao Ding director of the Qin Empire "black 2" in the righteous, tragic tragic Mi Yan, director to leave a deep impression. Ding Black said in an interview, said: at that time, I think this child is very talented, the key is that he is explosive and passion. The young actor is the biggest problem is difficult to focus on revealing the role of the heart, and then young Chen Xiao was able to vividly show the heart through his changing role performance." After a lapse of 4 years, Chen Xiao, Ding black two went again to the moon about "interesting," circle "and" that bloom month Qin Empire 2 "are set in Shaanxi. Chen Xiao said, very pleased with Ding guide again "Qin", while the black Ding also said that Chen Xiao played Shen Xingyi in fact "is very difficult, both rich and deep emotional entanglements, very big change, a big challenge for the actor." After many years of experience, now has superb acting director Chen Xiao and Ding black again, I believe that it will bring us more surprises, "that bloom on a perfect circle" is bound to become the focus of the 2017 best stars holding "month", is about to turn to bloom after the full moon director Ding Hei, starring Sun Li visit to Shaanxi Jingyang family compound, Chen Xiaoyi is actively preparing for the role, for their creative "that bloom on a perfect circle" shooting have to do their homework, remarkable professional attitude. The total drama producer Zhao Yi said, "that bloom on a perfect circle" always uphold the "quality, creative principle, crafted for.相关的主题文章: