The old | Burgundy VOLNAY a shy "tender" – Sohu and sealed in Burgundy (Burgundy) in the bottle, is not only delicious wine juice, also has two thousand years of history. When the origin of history By Lin Yusen of Burgundy Wine, there is no historical records. In 321 years, has written records of grape planting in burgundy. In sixth Century, the Archbishop of tours parish Grio wrote the "Franks history" said Burgundy is "hillsides with vine" place. Thus, Wine Burgundy has a long history, from ancient self-evident. Wine mixed way different from Bordeaux, Burgundy Red Classic Wine with Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir) single wine. Like Margaret · (Margaret Mitchell), a "gone with the wind" (Gone with the wind) is enough to make people remember her, admire her. Burgundy is the same, just enough to you for Pinot Noir a love it. In Burgundy Pinot Noir Wine, the most elegant and gentle than Waldo Nai Cun (Volnay) Pinot Noir Wine. Today, the world has a red wine from Waldo Nai Cun Pinot Noir Wine to you, a fine art, let you experience the old Burgundy wine that a gentle. In 2012 Dubois Winery (step wave tile wall Nai village) 2012 Louis Liger Dubois Wine red Les Paux Bois, Volnay, France type: red Wine capacity: 750ml annual output: 1000 bottles of Chateau Chateau Dubois: level: Burgundy · village level serving temperature: 15-18 degrees region: France » Burgundy » Bourne Hill » VOLNAY grape variety: Pinot Noir 100% world wine online mall price: ¥ 425; eleven to double price: ¥ 339 wall; Nai village is the most femininity, just like a water lotus blushes the wine bottle, in addition to Burgundy contains ancient history, but also loaded with a local Party – Wal – Nai Cun wine grape from it Waldo Nai village. "There is no real joy without." This spread hundreds of years saying means VOLNAY glory. Bourne Hill (Cote Burgundy VOLNAY is de Beaune) a wine in the village, it is located in the village of pommard (Pommard) and Meursault Village (Meursault) between. Volnay won the AOC status in 1937, areas specified in only the use of Pinot Noir brewed red Wine can be called legal Wine. Volnay’s wine had long been a royal and wine loving man for his elegant style!相关的主题文章: