Ten years, recorded "asked" the official release of the CGWR score 7.5 invitation feast Sendoh novice card booking | asked area ten years of classic, millions of online, "asked" the letter Xian ceremony activities new hot line, thousands of friends gathered in Qingcheng practice, Sendoh feast letter Xian ceremony. More people PK game demo in the hot, new round started fighting frenzy. More "asked" chamber activities continue to upgrade, massive benefits big run. "Asked" invite the game player to visit Zhongzhou, opened a new journey to experience a new cultivation, wonderful game! "Asked" the official website of > > > "ask" the Sina micro-blog > > > "ask" the chamber activities > > > "ask" Sendoh feast invitation > >; > "ask" the letter Xian ceremony activities open new annual letter Xian ceremony to receive a free invitation "asked" the large Feng Xian festival activities will be open, thousands of friends gathered in Sendoh feast. We receive invitations can participate in exciting cultivation activities, heavy task checkpoints setting and the grand ceremony of letter xian. Three Huang attended the event more road scene, with the majority of game player to practice immortal. Multi site activities need to set up a team of players together to complete, the real reduction of the game task. At the same time, the event presented a grand prize, players can easily get. The new letter Xian ceremony activities, wonderful will be beyond your imagination! "Asked" the national PK competition hot application] National PK match will be the formal war "asked" the annual blockbuster event PK is now in the national tournament registration demo stage, full 10 level game player can enter in the event. During the period from October 27th to November 2nd, game player can enter the demo area, the official national tournament set PK experience. In addition, this event greatly increased competition awards, 280 thousand cash prizes, and has rich order 8 horse, animal variation, Yin Yuanbao Hao Li hands. The annual blockbuster event’s game, the king of Zhongzhou for you. Event registration day, players do not miss! "Asked" the national PK tournament] popular hot melting elixir of millions of high ceremony back in November 1st to November 30th during the event, with 40 of the game player can be a panacea for melting, melting each will randomly get elixir or experience Daoxing reward values, in addition to the rate of organic phase 5 yuan Ling jewelry ten order nine double tail customers etc. cannon, Monkey King award $spirit, massive silver ingots, animal mounts, and six order variation, the 80 stage 4 jewelry, props and experience Daoxing reward this month the number of ranks also elixir melting get a surprise prize. The melting of immortality, easily get adorable pet animal! "Asked" the exquisite original painting "asked" the letter Xian ceremony activities have new popular on-line game player through the event page, sign up to participate in the activities, the site received huge prizes. More people PK game hot application, thousands of friends play passion. Want to dominate Zhongzhou, to participate in the annual heavy events! Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or permit.相关的主题文章: