Ten years of grinding sword: the people’s University of ink painting academy Li Keran Li Geng collective debut in the capital museum curator Qing Ping Xu Beihong speech speech Xu Huang Hua three letter word of thanks at three p.m. on November 10, 2016, sponsored by the Renmin University of China, Li Keran academy, Smart education group in association with the "save III — China painting materials and techniques of research and development at the grand opening Li Keran art museum. Li Keran Li Geng academy, Dong Changxia, vice president of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, vice president of Minzu University of China Yin Huili, Xu Beihong Memorial Museum curator Xu Qingping, general Ding Fang, party secretary Wang Jian, Renmin University of China School of art, famous artists Liu Jinan, Yao Mingjing, Gao Runxi, Du Songru, Wang Haikun, Zhong Jie, Wang Jiazeng, Lei’s art critics, Wang Ping, Xia Kejun, Sheng Wei, Yang Wei, Wang Wenjuan, Fu Yanghua, Cai Wanlin, Wang Yuejiang and other collectors and Minzu University of China Academy of Fine Arts, Renmin University of China College of art teachers and students on behalf of a total of more than 300 people attended the opening ceremony and academic seminar. The opening ceremony was presided over by Bie Min, deputy party secretary of Renmin University of China. Curator Xia Kejun interpretation of the exhibition’s opening of the idea of the exhibition site is meant to save? The exhibition sponsors, Professor Huang Huasan of Renmin University of China College of art, this is a kind of text attitude information technology era, finishing, in the existing text on the amendment to another text format alone preserved, there is a text to become independent with the juxtaposition of text, in the context of a sense refers to each other the "text", a text can continue derivatives, for another, it is the proliferation of the material, a constantly inspired addition, variation in source text at the beginning. This is the text effect and meaning of "save". The "save III – Chinese painting materials and Techniques Research Exhibition" is to show the ten years of the text generated by the sample and some of the possibility to be verified. Through the "save" and "save I II" argument and development, Renmin University of China Art Institute of cross media studio more clearly the purpose and direction of the Chinese teaching and practice. Guests attended the opening ceremony and photo artists at the exhibition site, we can see the exhibition with the image language is not the same with the traditional ink form, but is close to the atmosphere, is Chinese type, but after the baptism of modernity. The famous critic and curator of this exhibition, associate professor of Renmin University of China Xia Kejun, Renmin University of China School of the arts cross media studio changed the general "copying sketchingand creation" Chinese painting teaching methods for teachers and students to change study student work oriented learning, find the problems and deficiencies. Although it seems that there is no direction, but gradually through this interactive teaching and active learning, to guide students to find their own theme, showing the media, performance, personal style…… The work is a little change in the traditional mode and modern life, personal experience and the learning of others. Art is such a torment, art is in the difficult experience rather than the operation of the operation, which is the fundamental mechanism of contemporary art. So, how to determine the possible direction of a student? This is not the only answer 5相关的主题文章: