UnCategorized If you are planning to go for an at-home teeth whitening treatment, then definitely the over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits can be ideal for you. These kits generally contain a pack of whitening gel and a mouthpiece tray. These kits are quite user friendly and .e at a low price. You have to put the whitening gel inside the tray and then the mouthpiece tray needs to be placed inside your mouth. You need to keep it for at least 30 minutes. In order to achieve a satisfactory out.e, you have to continue this process for at least two to three weeks. The teeth bleaching kit contains a whitening gel and a mouthpiece tray. This whitening gel is rich in hydrogen peroxide. The stains of the teeth are actually removed by this hydrogen peroxide. But the amount of hydrogen peroxide used in this whitening kit is far lesser than the amount used by the dentists. But remember that these whitening gels dont work on false teeth, jackets, dentures and crows. It only works on the real ones. The over-the-counter products are cheap and easy to use. The cost of going to a dentist is quite high. While you can have an over-the-counter kit for just $20, the treatment at a dentists clinic would cost you at least $300. The expenses at the clinic are more because of the cost of the gel, the treatment and infrastructure along with the professional fees of the dentist. But remember that there are few disadvantages associated with the usage of the over-the-counter whitening kit. As these gels use least amount of hydrogen peroxide, the desired level of whiteness is rarely achieved. The mouthpiece tray provided along with this kit is of a standard size. Thus it does not fit perfectly into everyones mouth. As a result of it, the gels are often failed to spread over the targeted area and if they .e in contact with the gum, that can result in gum ulcer, irritation and sensitivity. On the other hand, the mouthpiece provided by the dentists is always customized depending on the requirement of the patient. The gels used by the dentists are quite safer than these over-the-counter products. The plastic strips are used to prevent the gel from getting in contact with the gum. Often a rubber shield is applied on the gum for extra protection. You do not get these kinds of facilities from the teeth bleaching kit. Clear all your confusion by consulting a licensed dentist so that you can have a set of sparkling white teeth without any side effects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: