"Task" Star "drunk exquisite" hot shot straw bear good play non-stop entertainment Sohu – impossible Sohu entertainment news in November 8th, TV drama "mission impossible" will be strong landing Jiangsu TV prime time broadcast. The cattle from the static screenwriter, the famous actor Zheng Yu, Yin Zhusheng, Zihan Chen directed, Wei Chunguang, Lv Zhong, Xin month, Du source, left navigation, etc.? New high-energy war drama three generations of actress co starring in the broadcast on local stations is due to high quality, strong plot and win the ratings boom, this time satellite broadcast was also broadcast platform and spy fans have high hopes. The play is the Jiangsu straw bear company this year’s second star series, at the beginning of a "Shushan legend" is a legacy of the Jiaore video website, TV dual platform. Founded less than 2 years, straw bear are frequently heavy launch large projects — starring Nicky Wu, Qi Wei’s "stars" in April is post production, starring Liu Shishi, William Chan’s "drunken exquisite" just shot. In addition, the highly anticipated "Shushan Wars 2" will be held at the end of the boot. With "speed and passion" gene "" Shushan "tasks" with the sword all innovation Liu Shishi, Zhao Liying and other stars shareholders blessing Jiangsu straw bear company, since its establishment in less than 2 years, but its dazzling achievement is regarded as obvious to people, making the film and television industry upstart. The first part of the original IP Drama — "the company produced the Shushan legacy of swordsman legend" is Chushoubufan, sophisticated production, hot cast, directed at young people Xian Xia theme, the show aired from the start to the media and has been the focus of attention of users. Let more people sit up and take notice is that the straw bear pictures and Iqiyi through the "Shushan wars" brave test video first broadcast network, look at the pattern of membership. This broke the net interactive practice, change the Chinese television broadcast mode, the first in the history of drama "– the first Chinese first on-line network broadcast on TV star. In the industry view, the "Shushan wars" with excellent effects, such as drama actor, gains proud of success, new media and performance ratings are on the topic of heat win-win. In January 2016, the "Shushan legacy of swordsman legend" landing Anhui TV, without affecting the ratings of video website first aired the premiere ratings reached 0.977, surpassing Anhui satellite TV ratings 2015 year maximum value, the end of the drama broadcast average ratings break 1, hitting a new record in Anhui TV ratings. It can be said that when the newly established straw bear pictures, not only the first series has proved himself the "upstart" super strength, more by the "Shushan legacy" proved "the first network in the background of the broadcast mode successfully to the industry. In the "Shushan wars" great success, the people generally think that "speed and passion" double high gene straw bear film will deep in Xian Xia fantasy theme areas, film actor straw bear based on abundant resources and strong creative strength he quietly turned to the theme, both young people keen on urban idol the "stars" series in April, also has the strong ratings based spy, the theme of war — this is the November 8th landing.相关的主题文章: