Tanzania 5.7 earthquake has caused 16 deaths and thousands of houses were damaged – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Dar Es Salaam on 11 September, (reporter Li Sibo) in northwestern Tanzania province governor Ji Zhu Kagera said 11 days, as of the day of 16, has killed at least 16 people were killed and thousands of houses were damaged and collapsed in the area of the 5.7 earthquake. The Prime Minister of Tanzania Ma GA Riva the same day to the Kagera Province, inspect the disaster. The death toll from the quake and the damage to the house were reported to the city of. Ma GA Riva said the government will send an expert group to assess the disaster to provide the necessary assistance. Tanzania earthquake monitoring bureau officials called on the day of the earthquake people to strengthen security, prevention of aftershocks preparations. 10 pm local time Kagara province 5.7 earthquake. According to the U.S. Geological Survey earthquake information network news, the earthquake occurred at 15:27 local time (Beijing time 20:27), the epicenter is located in the capital of Brazil province Kagara Buco 44 kilometers north, the focal depth of 10 km. According to local media reports, and Kagera provinces bordering Rwanda and Uganda have felt.相关的主题文章: