Tanggu trial District inventory case exposure 20 old Lai information before the court held a public trial in Tanggu Binhai District issued the implementation of paragraph one conference, issued the implementation of paragraph 16 million yuan to 15 for execution, and announced to the public for loans, divorce, housing rental etc. in the case of the 20 "Laolai" list. The initiatives to urge the debtor to fulfill the obligations of automatic, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, to promote social fairness and justice. Cui Wei is Ma’anshan City Hongsheng labor limited company responsible person, shall perform very happy after he got from the hands of the judges. "Our record involving about 2500000 yuan, mainly involving the wages of migrant workers, we particularly great pressure. In 2014 after the occurrence of arrears, entered the implementation of the program, when executed with bank accounts in different places, the court judges the first time rushed to the field, to take timely seized frozen solution as pressing danger for migrant workers." Cui Wei said in an interview with reporters. It is understood that this year, the Tanggu trial area to "old" "death case" as a breakthrough, up from 1950 since the founding of the implementation of the case shall be deposited in all, each register, the 988 dead case back. At present, there have been 521 "old" case to regain hope. Especially for the recovery of the labor remuneration, pensions, medical damages, compensation for personal injury accidents, compensation to the people’s livelihood case to establish well executed concept, to ensure the full protection of the rights of vulnerable groups. At the same time, the case of Tanggu Binhai New Area of the trial area over the years have all been completed one by one check and re verification of clues to the property, the conditions of the immediate execution. For three days to query is executed in bank deposits, vehicles, housing and other conditions, during the execution of the case at least a month to query a bank, reduce the probability of debtor property "slipping". For really exhausted the means of implementation does not perform to the implementation of a case of an investigation, to conduct a comprehensive three-dimensional supervision over the implementation of the work. By carrying out crack the implementation of difficult work, to let people feel the court change the implementation of the work, let the people become the implementation of supporters, supervisors and beneficiaries. "No verdict on the implementation of all to the debtor, we take coercive measures, fines, detention, exit restrictions, criminal responsibility shall be investigated and incorporated into the list of dishonest people coercive measures." Binhai Tanggu court executive judge Wei Honghai said that from January to October this year, Tanggu Binhai New Area of the trial area were performed in 3304 cases, judicial detention of 28 people, 4 people for investigation. And to the public for loans, divorce, housing rental etc. in the case of the 20 "Laolai" list, let these dishonest staff in all aspects is limited. (reporter Liu Changhai)

塘沽审判区清查老案 曝光20名“老赖”信息   日前,滨海新区法院塘沽审判区召开公开发放执行款大会,向15名申请执行人发放执行款1600万元,并向社会公布了因借贷款、离婚、房屋租赁等案件的20名“老赖”名单。这一举措督促被执行人自动履行义务,有力维护了当事人的合法权益,促进社会公平正义。   崔伟是马鞍山市宏胜劳务有限公司负责人,他从法官手中拿到执行款后非常高兴。“我们备案涉及250多万元,主要是牵扯到农民工工资,我们压力特别大。2014年欠款发生后,进入执行程序,当发现被执行人在异地有银行账户,执行庭各位法官第一时间赶赴外地,及时采取查封冻结,为农民工解了燃眉之急。”崔伟接受记者采访时表示。   据了解,今年以来,塘沽审判区以“老案”“死案”为突破口,清理了从1950年建院以来所有沉积下来的执行案款,逐一登记造册,使988件“死案”起死回生。目前,已有521件“老案”重获希望。特别是对于追索劳动报酬、抚恤金、医疗损害赔偿、交通事故人身损害赔偿、工伤赔偿等涉及民计民生的案件树立精心执行的理念,确保弱势群体的权益得到充分保障。   同时,滨海新区塘沽审判区对历年来没有全部执行完毕的案件逐一清查,重新核查财产线索,具备条件的立即执行。立案三日内必须查询被执行人的银行存款、车辆、住房等情况,案件执行过程中每月至少查询一次银行存款情况,降低被执行人财产“漏网”的概率。对于确实穷尽了执行手段未执行的要实行“一案一评查”,对执行工作进行全面立体监督。通过开展破解执行难工作,切实让群众感受到法院执行工作的变化,让人民群众成为执行工作的支持者、监督者和受益者。   “对一切拒不执行判决书的被执行人,我们采取强制措施,罚款、拘留、限制出境、追究刑事责任和纳入失信人名单强制措施。”滨海新区法院塘沽执行庭庭长魏洪海介绍说,今年1月至10月,滨海新区塘沽审判区共执行案件3304件,司法拘留28人,立案侦查4人。并向社会公布了因借贷款、离婚、房屋租赁等案件的20名“老赖”名单,让这些失信人员在方方面面都受到限制。   (记者刘长海)相关的主题文章: