High definition video conferencing has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses arrange and conduct their meetings. Providing crystal clear sound and sharp, high definition video images to match, video conferencing has never been more authentic, more interactive or more immersive. Corporate Tele.munications, a leading distributor of headsets, handsets, audio and video conferencing and voice and data equipment, carries high definition video conferencing products from market-leading brands LifeSize and Poly.. It also stocks Poly.’s standard video conferencing range. What is high definition video conferencing? High definition video conferencing is the most realistic, cutting-edge way to conduct meetings and conferences while eliminating the need for costly, time consuming and environmentally-inefficient travel. Just like the advent of email revolutionised the way we .municate, high definition video conferencing is opening up possibilities in .munication and information sharing that make ‘virtual’ meetings as easy, life-like and efficient as they can possibly be. How does high definition video conferencing work? Like traditional video conferencing, high definition video conferencing provides a real-time connection between participants in separate locations, whether in the same city or on opposite sides of the world. High definition video conferencing from Poly. and LifeSize works by transmitting live images using hi-spec cameras and flat-screen video displays, while broadcasting sound through top-of-the-range speakers. It allows people to .municate through high quality video and audio and share media files such as documents and presentations. The big advantage of high definition video conferencing is that, unlike traditional video conferencing systems, which could suffer ‘jumping’ pictures and blurry or pixelated images, high definition video conferencing gives a crystal-clear picture and smooth motion perfectly synched with the audio. High definition video conferencing uses the highest picture resolution possible – more than four times that of a regular television screen. This gives high definition video conferencing a quality and clarity of picture that is unsurpassed, eliminating blurry outlines, washed-out colours and visual ‘noise’. Users can switch ‘ manually or using voice-activated technology – between screens, viewpoints and cameras, and share presentations, documents, and multimedia with other attendees. Thanks to modern, simple-to-operate, high definition video conferencing systems, all this can be achieved without external equipment, advance scheduling or a technician. How can high definition video conferencing benefit my business? The beauty of high definition video conferencing is that meetings can be held anytime between people anywhere, at the touch of a button and without any loss of quality. It’s a medium designed for your convenience, and the reliability of the trusted Poly. and LifeSize brands means high definition video conferencing from Corporate Tele.munications is a solution you can always depend on. High definition video conferencing technology means sound and picture quality has never been better, truly making high definition video conferencing the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting there is. The most obvious ‘ and in the current business climate, important ‘ benefit to .panies using high definition video conferencing is the money it saves on travel. Whether you need a quick one-to-one or a full boardroom meeting, there’s no need to leave the convenience and .fort of your own office. Not only does high definition video conferencing eliminate costly train fares, air fares and other travel expenses, but you benefit from putting that precious ‘travelling time’ to better use. .petitive prices and tailor-made high definition video conferencing packages mean most businesses will be quick to see a financial return on the cost of high definition video conferencing technology. And of course, as businesses strive to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute towards the slowdown of global warming, reducing travel through high definition video conferencing can mean significantly reducing your .pany’s carbon emissions. The convenience of high definition video conferencing also means you’re free to schedule meetings where perhaps time or financial constraints prevented you before. This can help businesses create better internal and external .munication channels, shorten project times, and resolve urgent problems. So next time you’re stuck in an unnecessary meeting, think how much easier and more effective it could have been if you’d used high definition video conferencing instead. For further information on high definition video conferencing, and how it could revolutionise the way you do business, contact Corporate Tele.munications on 01942 262 526 or visit our website: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: