Taizhou Dongcheng River picked up 50 pounds of safes, there are more than 100 stored value cards, oh dear, what is this Dongdong? The day before yesterday morning, the East River all opened. Several fishing river grass cleaning master, picked up a particularly heavy riverweed. Open it and see what it is Oh, oh, it’s a safe, and a broken safe. Remove a safe "fishing riverweed come and help, there is a heavy thing, old old, a little heavy hand." The day before yesterday morning 8 o’clock, Zhang East River fishing in the river grass (of surname) network down, live a big guy. "This guy is a little bit heavy, doesn’t move, shouldn’t be big fish." Master Zhang said, a few people help, the hand picked up the guy. Pull out open at riverweed, short oil, is a big box. Take a closer look. The safety box has been pried off! Booty! Call the police! No cash left more than 100 cards, the police Milo rushed to the scene, neat and quick to open the safe. It crashed, and more than 100 cards fell out of the safe. What’s the card? Bread new words stored value card! Oh, it was a safe in a bakery. Excuse me, was your house stolen a safe? The police made a phone call in the past. Yes, it is! The bakery boss came over. "In the morning, you found the box was stolen, there are 2, 3 thousand pieces of cash and more than 100 store value cards."." The boss kept saying, is really amazing, the safe more than 50 catties, thrown into the East River did not sink into the bottom, so quickly found. So who stole the safe and stole the cash inside? The police Milo said, is full investigation! Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. The thief will leave the insurance bag in the quilt, and the owner will give a reward of 30 thousand

泰州东城河捞起50斤的保险箱 内有100多张储值卡哎呀哎呀,这什么东东?前天一大早,东城河边就闹腾开了。几个捞河草的清洁师傅,捞起的一团河草分外重。扒开看看是个啥?天哦,竟然是一个保险箱,而且是被撬坏的保险箱。捞河草捞出个保险箱“快来帮忙,这里有个东西,老重老重,有点沉手。”前天上午8点多钟,在东城河捞河草的张师傅(化姓)一网下去,网住了一个大家伙。“这个家伙有点沉手,不乱动,应该不是大鱼。”张师傅说,几个人帮忙,把沉手的家伙拎了上来。拨拉开河草一看,矮油,是只大保险箱呢。再仔细看看,保险箱有被撬过的痕迹!赃物啊!赶紧报警!现金没了剩100多张卡警察蜀黍赶到现场后,三下五除二打开了保险箱。哗啦啦,一百多张卡从保险箱里掉了出来。是些什么卡啊?面包新语储值卡!哦,原来是一家面包店的保险箱。请问,你家是不是被盗了一只保险箱?警察蜀黍一个电话打过去。是的是的呢!面包店老板赶了过来。“一早到店里就发现保险箱被偷了,里面有2、3千块现金和一百多张店铺储值卡。 ”老板连声说,真是神奇呢,这个保险箱50多斤呢,扔进东城河竟然没有沉入河底,这么快就发现了。那么,是谁偷了这个保险箱,盗走了里面的现金呢?警察蜀黍说,正在全力侦查!扩展视频:与原文无关。 监拍小偷将保险箱包在被子里离开 失主3万悬赏相关的主题文章: