Taiwan will be full of terrestrial pays the country’s health Taiwan authorities earned 100 million NT – Beijing, Taiwan news network October 25th Chinese mainland students studying in Taiwan in the Taiwan area for NHI (national health insurance) calls, 24 terrestrial NHI has finally been finalized. Taiwan area leader Cai Yingwen 24, held a coordination meeting, the decision "for Chinese students to receive humanitarian issues, said Taiwan can consider to finalize the terrestrial NHI based, but said the Taiwan authorities in conditions of limited resources," overseas Chinese ", are all exogenous, terrestrial, pay for the country’s health. In the terrestrial NHI issue spread for a long time, as early as October 11, 2012, Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" through the "provisions of Taiwan area and the mainland area Relations Ordinance" draft amendment, in Taiwan the mainland students into the health insurance coverage to the "Legislative Yuan" review. In September 24, 2014, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan affairs, education and culture "Joint Committee" was a preliminary review of the draft, but with the resolution requirements of terrestrial and exogenous pay health insurance premiums shall be paid in full, and the "National Health Insurance Law" after the implementation of matching correction. November 27, 2015 terrestrial NHI issues once again pass through the "Legislative Yuan", "TSU 26 press conference held on the first expression of opposition, TSU legislative caucus total call Lai Zhenchang said, the public health insurance arrears amounted to 847 thousand people, but has the ability to pay, deduct more than for installment payment, and other factors more than due to the number of non payment, the exact capacity of up to more than 60 thousand people, but the Taiwan authorities to" repair "to mainland students into the health care, to last year 5881 the number of students, to spend two 35 million yuan (NT, the same below), called Taiwan" too much to handle? Tsu Ye Jinling once said that the terrestrial NHI has nothing to do with the issue of human rights, humanitarian, if no supplementary health insurance in Taiwan health insurance premiums, has gone bankrupt, if the KMT attempted to pass through, TSU oppose it. In December 6, 2015, Cai Yingwen expressed support for the first time by terrestrial NHI, but the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus adhere to the "law" from the terrestrial and exogenous Taiwan authorities to grant full pay. The KMT Legislative Yuan has criticized Cai Yingwen playing both sides, no help for cross-strait peace. The "law" is the direction for terrestrial CF nabao pays 6 exogenous, government subsidies, 4; the DPP insists, "amending the law to allow terrestrial and exogenous full pay country’s health insurance. Cai Zhengyuan said at the time, for example in 2014, Japan’s trade surplus from Taiwan earned $21 billion 700 million, the Japanese students have been enrolled in the national health insurance in Taiwan; from the trade surplus of China earned $74 billion 800 million, but no terrestrial NHI, this is not good, and the shame of terrestrial, probably caused between the two sides of the younger generation. The former "legislator" Qiu Yi also criticized Cai Yingwen playing both sides. The DPP party chairman Su Zhenchang as in the past, "legislator" Wu Bing? Had proposed to support terrestrial NHI, and later because of office phone opponents off the hook, eventually fell through. Qiu Yi said, in fact, terrestrial NHI is the universal values of human rights, as long as the modified "cross strait relation regulation", the land.相关的主题文章: