Taiwan authorities to ban the Japanese nuclear disaster food group which sells Taiwan Kuomintang group original title: the Cai Yingwen administration to ban the Japanese nuclear disaster food Kuomintang criticized: sell Taiwan Group [global network reported] in Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported in November 7th, "Taiwan Wei Fu" today to the Legislative Yuan Wei ring Committee the report "strict control of the Japanese health food safety input interdepartment Japan survey", by the blue committee is to pave the way for the next year of the Fukushima nuclear disaster food ban. The blue Committee Jiang Wanan said, "the entire report ihw" are doing endorsement for the Japanese data, does not have any effect on the human health assessment report also mentioned that the Japanese side detection 260 thousand only 0.1% exceed the standard, but even though one is Taiwan people eat food to exceed the standard, "the government should be responsible for?" The KMT Secretary of the Yangtze River have expressed strong opposition to Qi Chen unacceptable, he questioned the imported nuclear disaster urgent food like this? Did not import these counties and cities of food, will affect our food and industry? If the time is not urgent, the industry has not been damaged, national health should be given priority. Jiang Qichen said that the ban is not a reasonable doubt can "diplomacy" with political interests with the exchange, some under the table of political interest exchange is invisible to us, the authorities did not explain Cai, anxious to exchange with the national health, the Kuomintang firmly opposed at this point to Fukushima food ban. KMT vice chairman Hu Wenqi criticised the "Cai Yingwen government, with Japan staged a staged Zhou Yu play huanggai drama, the original real spy, selling Taiwan group is the DPP government." Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: