Taihang engine chief designer Zhang Enhe who died in a coma in the test – Sohu news according to the SASAC news center of micro-blog owned small new news November 14th, Chinese aero engine experts, Taihang engine chief designer of Comrade Zhang Enhe died in 13 at six pm, at the age of seventy-seven. Micro-blog said that in the "development of Taihang" engine, has experienced many hardships, can persist, with the dedication of the engine. To mourn, inherit the behest of; in the future paradise, you will see Chinese engine soar! According to the Northeast network, "Zhang Enhe, chief designer of Taihang engine, after several engine model development, on the road of independent innovation diligently strive after the" Taihang "engine development work, on a satisfactory answer to the party and the state, air force career he is worthy of love. Zhang Enhe (data plan) domestic Taihang engine life with the blue sky and forged a devotion to love, honor and air power connected to the cause of the rise and fall of tenderness. Emotional rhythm and fiery patriotic heart, passion eternal love theme of aviation industry. In the development process of Taihang engine in the Zhang Enhe division that shoulder great responsibility, extraordinary before loading the line he has always maintained a sense of urgency, some people say that Zhang is a "engine", a busy figure, walking in a hurry. Over seventy, practitioners for decades, he successfully Tongtian road built with hard work and wisdom. Zhang Enhe has been awarded the Aerospace Department of merit times, COSTIND yidenggong, Chinese AVIC aviation industry technology pioneer, aviation industry, aviation industry award for outstanding contribution award, Shenyang labor model, Liaoning labor medal, national labor medal, the national outstanding professional and technical personnel "title, Hongkong & Science Foundation with the Technology Progress Award and other awards. In the 60 anniversary of the founding of new Chinese aviation industry on the occasion, Zhang Enhe won the gold medal, "aviation industry". In 2009, Zhang Enhe served as chief engineer of the Taihang engine and aircraft engineering co won the National Prize for progress in science and technology, the technological achievements by the national defense science and technology progress award, as he completed the main project, in the Great Hall of honor to accept Hu Jintao and other party and state leaders awards. Aero engine is long-term repeated use under harsh environmental conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high speed pneumatic thermal machine, its characteristic is the technical difficulty, long development cycle, large investment, high risk and high reliability requirements of development. Its development involves many disciplines, wide technical, high integration, long industrial chain, the economic driving effect is significant, and is closely related to the development of the basic industries, is a powerful driving force on the basis of industrial development and technological progress. At present, only the United States, Russia, Britain, France, a small number of medium-sized countries have the ability to independently develop aircraft engines. China’s power to fly on the blue sky, 60 years has been the dream of aviation. In 2006 successfully developed the Taihang engine, this dream become a reality once again. "Taihang" chief engineer Zhang Enhe said with deep feeling, the development of aviation, power to advance. Cohesion of the nation’s wisdom to the aviation engine.相关的主题文章: