The Swedish Academy: Bob? Dylan will not attend the Nobel prize ceremony – Beijing, Beijing, November 17, according to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported on 17, the Swedish Academy says the winner of this year’s Nobel prize in literature Bob Din, will not attend the December Nobel awards. The Swedish Academy said in a statement that it had received a "personal letter" and said he could not travel to Stockholm to receive the prize for literature in December. Dylan said in the letter, he was honored to be honored". 2015, Dylan at the MusiCares Of The Year awards ceremony. In October 13th this year, the Swedish Academy beyond all expectations will be awarded the 2016 Nobel prize for literature 75 year old Bob? Dylan, praised his expression in the "great tradition in American songs in creating a new poetic". Since then, though, many times, the Swedish Academy has been unable to keep up with Bob – Dylan. After winning the award, Dylan’s official website has briefly mentioned that he is a Nobel laureate. But the relevant information was removed within 24 hours. Subsequently, in an exclusive interview with the British Daily Telegraph, Dylan admits that when he first knew he won the award, "great, incredible, who would like to be able to get this award?" In 2011, Dylan performed in london. Why the reporter asked not to receive the Nobel prize committee phone? Why don’t you contact them? Bob, Dylan, said, "I’ve been here," without further explanation. Asked if he would attend the awards ceremony, Bob – Dylan said, "yes, if possible". Bob, 75, is an American singer, artist and author of the age of. Since the first album was released in 1961, Dylan has played an important role in the pop music and cultural circles for more than 50 years. Foreign media said that he is a musical legend, the symbol of the times. To the world, he seems to be irreplaceable.相关的主题文章: