Survey: 64.2% of respondents believe that around the "roaring mother" very much – Beijing has become fashionable for a time picture book is shouting "an angry mother", describes a little penguin in the face of angry mother was scared to death, finally, even if the mother found a little penguin, small enterprises goose wounded soul no longer make up. Weekdays mother hysterical criticism and shouting, the damage caused by the child is very serious, what is the cause of the roaring mother? Last week, a survey conducted by the China Youth newspaper Social Survey Center, a joint questionnaire on 2003 people, showed that about 64.2% of respondents reported their presence around the roaring mother". How to make mothers no longer roar, 60.6% of the respondents suggested that his father took the initiative to share parenting and housework. Only 14.5% of respondents had no mother child "roar" education "when mother yell at us is homely food." The first grade students at a university in Shanghai, sun rain, my father working in the field, most of the time is the mother alone to take care of the sisters, "we naughty, she will shout" it is lawlessness ", often with a yard full of shoes to send us". In Beijing, a graduate student in the first year of Zhang Dan’s mother, she attaches great importance to learning, discipline is very strict, when a child from school, I just want to go out to play, homework is not seriously completed. Whenever my mom caught her anger like a voice across the room to a dangerous situation, from far away". "A busy, there is no time to patiently coax children, shouting is the most simple and direct method." Zhang Lei’s son is 3 years old, and she says she often barks at him. "I will put my son just clean up the mess the room, house where all his toys, but he had to shout through the air to vent emotions". Survey shows that 64.2% of respondents said their side of the "roaring mother" quite common, of which 13% of the respondents think is "common", "general" and "not many of the respondents were 25.6% and 10.1%. In this survey, 28.8% of the respondents were often mother’s roar type of education, and the number of respondents met occasionally, only about 14.5% of respondents "almost no"". For the mother when the roar of the appearance, 24.8% of respondents bluntly still clearly remember". 63.1% of respondents believe that children often make mistakes to make the mother exhausted to create a roar mother, my mother bad temper, a little thing can be a little anxious. And it’s hard for her to take care of both of us." Sun Yu recalls, the sisters had a hairpin quarrel, and mother was cooking for us at the time, but also while washing clothes, we suddenly see the quarrel up, shouting". Sun Yu said, then she and mother to talk about these things, she laughed and said that many times they rushed yelling, just to put the sisters out, so she could ease the housework done. "In fact, I know to control emotions, but sometimes the mood, and can not find other ways to vent, only to the child相关的主题文章: