"Super moon" is coming, all you want to know is here – in November 14th, the fans are a little happy. Because this day will usher in twenty-first Century so far, the closest to the earth’s full moon, we can see the rise of the super moon. The National Astronomical Observatory researcher Jinsong science and technology daily in an interview with reporters, the "super moon" since 1948, the moon closest to the earth again, the moon looks bigger than usual 14% – 15%, 20% – 30% strong brightness. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) estimates, if missed this opportunity, people are afraid to wait until November 25, 2034, to see the moon again so close to the earth. Jinsong Ping told Technology Daily reporter, "super moon" is a common phenomenon in astronomy, astronomy is the exact title near lunar month. It refers to the new moon or full moon, the moon and the earth from the distance closer than usual, the naked eye can see the largest and most round moon. The orbit of the moon around the earth is in an elliptical shape, so the distance between the moon and the earth is not constant. The average distance between the moon and the earth is about 384 thousand kilometers, more than 350 thousand kilometers far recently, about 400 thousand kilometers, 50 thousand kilometers between the distance to the moon changes let the moon look with the size of the difference. Astronomy experts explained that because the moon revolves around the earth there will always be "in place" and "distant place", "when the moon is near the place" is likely to occur when the "super moon", so this phenomenon is relatively common. But it is worth mentioning that, in November 14th, "super moon" to run into the perigee within 2 hours after it will become a full moon, so it will look like the general super moon is bigger, brighter. According to estimates, this full moon will appear in Greenwich standard time at 13:52 on November 14th, that is, Beijing time 21:52. The best time to observe the moon is just rising or falling fast, especially when the moon rises from the horizon, there are trees on the earth as a contrast, but also to see the super moon super. Jinsong said that the moon is different from the meteor shower watching, without special traveling to the mountains or the Highlands, in their own home for the southeast will be able to enjoy the "super moon" style. Say, "super moon" is only available in 1965 a new, interesting is that it is not created by astronomers, but by the astrologer and writer Richard Noel created?. In order to define a new or full moon, the moon distance between the earth and the sky is near than usual. Richard Noel? Also said in the "super moon" phenomenon occurred before and after 3 days, the earth is more prone to geological disasters. There were rumors that "super moon" will lead to changes in the earth’s disaster, such as earthquake, volcano eruptions and tsunamis, it is the origin of. "But in fact" super moon "is neither mysterious, not surprisingly, normal phenomena, most years there will be, sometimes more than once, it will not affect the production and life of mankind." Ping Jinsong stressed相关的主题文章: