Pregnancy Successful IVF at 42 can and does happen. There are many examples of women who have achieved a happy outcome after undergoing this procedure. However, we cannot hide from the fact that our fertility declines as we get older and we may have to put in that little extra effort to make things work. The quality of our eggs deteriorates as we get nearer to the menopause and this can happen with alarming speed, the nearer we get. Until recently, it was thought that there was nothing which could be done about this. Now although it is not possible to "reverse" this aging, one recent study has indicated that eating certain foods can improve the quality of the remaining eggs and help to prevent further deterioration. One such superfood which can help in respect of egg quality to help you achieve successful IVF at 42 is Royal Jelly. This dense, nutritious food is generated by worker bees and helps with the transformation of the queen bee, thus enabling her to lay double her weight in eggs daily. As well as focusing on specific foods, what you eat generally takes on a new significance when you are trying to conceive-particularly over the age of 40. You must ensure that the foods you eat are healthy and nutritious and that your diet is based around fresh fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, lean meats and fish and full fat dairy foods. Wherever possible, your food should be organic and you should avoid all known "baddies" such as refined carbohydrates, sugar, artificial additives, preservatives and trans fats. Also worthy of mention is Soy. Although not a problem normally, when you are trying to conceive this seems to inhibit the process somewhat. I mentioned earlier about egg quality. What is also important is the quantity of eggs. Successful IVF at 42 relies on there being sufficient eggs to harvest and a possible inhibitor of both quality and quantity is stress. Stress can disrupt your hormonal levels which can affect egg production. Although this can be a problem at any age, it takes on an increased importance as we age as our chances are reduced anyway and we must do everything possible to preserve the quality and quantity of our eggs. You need to think carefully about whether you are affected by stress and take proactive steps to deal with this. It may mean reducing your working hours or taking time out each day for a stroll, or to read a book-anything which relaxes you. You may even wish to try alternative therapies such as massage. Other procedures which may help you achieve successful IVF at 42 include acupuncture and Reiki. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: