State Bank PS4 Slim VR will announce the first PS! 32 new digital Sohu in July 27th this year, SONY released a version of PlayStation for VR in Shanghai, the price of 2999 yuan, in October 13th the global market. According to the latest SONY Chinese sent the invitation, the official media in Beijing scheduled for 718 October 13th 15 cultural and creative park this afternoon? The one held "2016 Playstation VR Chinese first and PlayStation new conference". So it seems that, in addition to the first PS VR, the new PS4 host, that is, PS4 Slim will also meet with us. In addition, SONY also said that the conference will launch 32 PSVR games (including Jane), "Tomb Raider: the rise of" 20 anniversary edition, Karp air’s horror VR game "kitchen" and many "gentleman" to "VR Future Live" Miku: also on the list. About PS4 Slim, fast technology before on the evaluation, the Hong Kong version of the shape, the volume reduced by 40%, 2.8KG weight of the original (First Edition) reduced to 2.1KG, the hardware power consumption, noise, temperature, the performance of Wi-Fi (802.11ac), handle feel has improved substantially, it is important to note the new machine performance improvement.相关的主题文章: