Special warfare female motorcycle racing was sparring: called " killer on the road; " – Sohu Military Channel text with map: a brigade of the Tibet military’s special operations squad of soldiers, the rank of sergeant, won three of 1 times. Others said she was black, she said to lurk reconnaissance attack; others say she is strong, she asked who is fighting against? The Tibet military region so domineering, a mountain infantry brigade has a special warfare female: Bai Junfang. The style looks handsome, Bai Junfang soon became the army. This is not the first application of new fire training, officers and soldiers felt the female domineering exposed. Shooting still commander password mouth, Bai Junfang pressure is lingering in a stride, with complete lie down. Handsome posture, faster action. Around the dust has not been settled, according to her guns, aiming and firing, and a burst of rapid shuttle. The results came out, just passable: 4 hits, 1 miss. "Too impatient, made special forces of the taboo!" Responsible for training monitor Xu Yinzheng to guide one or two, Bai Junfang did not buy it, a word to choke back: "special forces are often alone, there must be the first enemy fire, hitting the awareness and ability." Bai Junfang can not just pay lip service. This thing she also seriously, and he secretly Sike in the end. Clip the corners of the mouth toward the gun position, posture, coordination of hands…… Bai Junfang day gun night practice, theoretical research, just acquired a single hand to reload skills. The news spread, in the camp of the various players have come to challenge. In this regard, Bai Junfang is generosity. A game, she always quick step, topped by password: Bai Junfang standing on the right hand, shoulder gun gun fast, left hand grasping the clip, then use the top pressure cylinder mortise, empty cartridges fall instantly homeopathy plug in the new magazine. Each time the opponent raised his head, the face was a smile of triumph. Since the choice when special warfare female since Bai Junfang, all pioneers, dare dares to face the difficulties and challenges, extremely elegant and valuable discourse. Do not believe? You listen! "Monitor sit myself, I soared from the car to you even fear." Contact the motorcycle driver training soon, female soldiers also some stage fright, Bai Junfang heart of the enemy, cross the chariot rush to the gas boom in the end, bumps along the way, the vehicle repair several times, his injured 3 field, so far still aching knees and elbows from time to time. Now speaking of Bai Junfang, sitting with sergeant Zhao Zhaoxu bucket "sparring" is: This is a female still suffering from the shock driving road killer "". Overtaking, flying, in-situ drift…… No matter how complex road, Bai Junfang was staring, wiping the wings to escape. "Our special warfare vanguard, no not candy!" The greater the difficulty of training, the higher the enthusiasm of Bai Junfang. In the course of rock climbing downhill, because the female arm short board obviously, slow progress in training. Bai Junfang stubborn way, regardless of the image of lady, went to the gym from the muscles. The squat, bench press, abdominal end…… Practice on Friday, never interrupted. Stop yourself again look at the cliffs, Bai Junfang simply did not look up, and work together, clever point, stuffy head will think the climb, easily climb to the top. .相关的主题文章: