"Sparrow" guess Li Yifeng Zhang Luyi Wu Yunfei who can play the most Sohu entertainment do not know if you recently had the attention to "sparrow" this drama, anyway I have been small in chase drama, because I am Wu Yunfei diehard powder. A spy film revolution, natural and ultimately fierce fighting, shooting is the most common. As actor Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi Wu Yunfei, to become a major part of the show, the spy film from the previous episodes can be thick smell of gunpowder. Play play has become an important part of the audience’s nerves today small series and we discussed, to a big guess Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi, Wu Yunfei, the best hit. The fight in the play, can be described as infernal affairs. Good luck, fate, former benefactor, today to love to kill. Between Zhang Luyi and Li Yifeng love to kill, a hail of bullets enough to tempt the appetite of the audience. In the national crisis, the brotherhood is also unable to resist the individual position. Zhang Luyi and Li Yifeng two people in different positions, each other really tangled fighting to let the audience sigh. As juntong hurricane team captain Tao Dachun (Wu Yunfei), has many years of experience go through fire and water. In this country the moment of crisis, a good skill is certainly character standard. From some screenshots on the front of the TV, there are several times and Chen Shen (actor: Li Yifeng) have a head-on fight scenes. Xiaobian to interview a number of people viewing at the same time, we also see the willies called Tao Dachunhe lamented good Kung fu. Visible Xiwai Wu Yunfei must have a lot of hard work, otherwise the effort can not learn a short duration of time. Li Yifeng, Wu Yunfei, who is the best of these three people to play the? I hope you continue to focus on TV drama "sparrow", more exciting to do the whole network premiere on youku.相关的主题文章: