Web-Design At any website design company, figuring out what makes for a great web experience involves both knowing what tends to work in general, and what seems to be working for the users of a particular website. Its import to collect as much feedback as possible about what people are doing with the site, taking seriously the old adage "what you can’t measure, you can’t manage." If it’s an e-commerce site, a company such as web design in California can measure how often users who land on the site end up viewing products, and how often they subsequently purchase products. Companies like web design in California will collect data – called "analytics" and "metrics" – from a site to help their clients focus their efforts on what can be done to maximize the success of their website. Taking things a little further, a website design company can do so-called "A/B testing", which involves trying something slightly different on a site and seeing what difference this makes to the metrics. For example, if a "BUY NOW" is currently in white, companies such as web design in California might set the site up so it shows a red version of the same button to a certain proportion of the users. If they discover that users shown the red button tend to spend a little more money, it probably suggests the button should be red. So the website design company will make the button red for everyone, and move onto another aspect of the site. If it really didn’t make any difference, they might as well leave the button as it is. A website design company like web design in California learns a lot by collecting metrics about how people use sites. Companies like Amazon.com do this all the time. But it’s not just for the big boys. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: