Some local utility: "digital serious poverty alleviation poverty poverty alleviation is not helping the rich – Beijing with a utilitarian heart, speculative heart to poverty, it is difficult to do, even smear" poverty alleviation "two words with moral light recently to interview the western poverty-stricken county, asked the grass-roots cadres of the period as a hat out of poverty no confidence, get the answer surprisingly consistent: absolutely no problem. When cooked, a township cadres told the author of "telling the truth": if after helping poor households, income is not up to the standard of poverty, to coordinate minimal makeup, such will be assured of "stable poverty". The author interviewed found that some of the local poverty alleviation work, although the moment is no longer a long-term trend is more serious. The first year of poverty alleviation, gratifying progress. However, in the process of precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty alleviation strategy, there have been many problems. Some local formalism is more serious. Village cadres "day" "nominal" helping, not on the practical ability and cleverness to help poor people work hard to get rich, but spent how through "smart" income accounts to bring poor people "out of poverty". As the main responsibility for precise poverty alleviation, the local government does not seriously think of ways to help poor people out of poverty are real income, but for the completion of the task to engage in "digital out of poverty". Some of the main poverty alleviation utilitarianism. For example, some industrial investment in poor areas of the enterprise, to be preferential policy support to poverty alleviation in the name, actually help the rich not poor, but also to face the "poverty alleviation model" and "social responsibility model" label. Grab the pick cap highlights the political achievements of poverty in some places also exist to varying degrees: a depth of western poverty-stricken counties, the poverty rate is still as high as 30%, but this year to "st". These are areas of poverty alleviation tendency, signs of problems, there are many reasons. But I believe that some people lack of the cause of the cause of the fear of poverty, there is still utilitarianism is one of the important reasons. Helping connect one family the fuel, see a doctor to go to school, even after decoupling, have looked at the supporting object because the development ability is not cultivated again or those of the light to teach a man to fish not to teach others how to help the cadres at ease? Under the guise of helping the poor do not help the real thing, how to bear the burden of poverty alleviation of the enterprise moral? To tell the truth, for individuals, poverty is bound to pay more than the return of the work, really want to say the return, more spiritual level to help others get satisfaction. For businesses, poverty is also destined to be not to invest in the output of the economic accounts, the output is more social responsibility and the realization of the value of the level. With a utilitarian heart, the heart of speculation to poverty alleviation, it is difficult to do well, and even smear poverty two words come with the moral light. Only with a heart of awe, to give up the idea of a utilitarian account to help the poor, in order to really see the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. Fear of poverty alleviation, mainly from the two levels of publicity and education and system construction. Poverty alleviation is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and common prosperity is the essential requirement of socialism. At present, more through publicity and education, make a consensus of the whole society, poverty alleviation and good deeds, is the work of Xiang Guangrong, is a noble act. To more through the poverty.相关的主题文章: