Dating All tarot cards regardless the designs you use have the same story running through them. What is important thing is that you attune yourself to the cards you are using. ATTURNING YOURSELF TO YOUR TAROT CARDS Some say that the tarot cards show the information the subconscious has collected from the universal mind which is all the people thoughts through out the world and this is what learning your card meanings and emotions will connect you to (attuning into this world of thoughts) Each tarot card is a small part of the whole store of the cycle of life. If you practice this enough times your subconscious will start to lock into their meanings and give you a deeper understanding of the cards. You or the person picking out the tarot cards to read should do it quickly as this stops the conscious mind thinking and lets the subconscious mind do its job. LAYING OUT THE CARDS When you start your reading spread the cards out face down and read one at a time. This helps you with the reading without the other cards at this stage mixing the message up. Each card is a sentence and the whole card layout is a page which will give you the answer you are looking for. The cards may not be in order to make much sense so you need to rearrange them to get the meanings they are trying to pass on to you. WHAT CARD LAYOUT TO USE The type of spreads used by most tarot card readers is based on how much you are willing to pay. Here are two that are simple to use. The Celtic cross and the nine cards spread. THIS IS HOW YOU WOULD LAY IT OUT A nine card spread gives quite a lot of information and should answer the question being asked. You read the card like you would a letter or book. The first three cards -top line – then the next three – middle line – and then next three bottom line, then read the cards from top to bottom which would be number one, four and seven, then two, five and eight and then three, six and nine, and lastly from corner to corner. First top left corner to bottom right corner then right top to bottom left. The Celtic cross is most popular for a single question, rather what is going to happen over the next six months sort of enquiry. I use only seven cards when I use a Celtic cross because the two cards that form the middle of the cross is enough to find the answer to a >a href " ..tarotcardreadingsecret.." > single question. You put four cards in a line one under the other and the other three cards across the second card down of the four you have already laid down. The first card that is put down represents the person looking for an answer and is known as the significator. The two cards that are together that lay right under the significator are the main cards that will affect them. The left and right card that makes the cross again I use the left side as negative and the right side card as positive. 相关的主题文章: