Home-and-Family Silver roses are real roses that have been dipped in silver so as to preserve the flower forever. They are hand-picked when at the peak of their beauty and then go through a 40 step process at the end of which, they .e out ‘encased’ in a silver coating, ready to be given as a gift to someone special. Sine the historic period that preceded the Middle Ages in Europe (called Antiquity), roses have been associated with feelings. When it .es to the language of flowers, each and every rose type, rose part, and rose color have a different meaning. For example, the cosmic rose of Ancient India the Tripurasundari is a symbol of wisdom, beauty, and strength of the divine Mother. In both Hinduism and Buddhism, the rose form brings to mind the cup of life or the center of Mandala which are works of sacred art in Tibetan Buddhism. They are generally recognized by various geometric shapes, in particular the circle. All this to say, the rose symbolizes a path of meditation to Nirvana. The red rose is most often chosen as the flower to say I love you. And, since that’s the case, they shouldn’t be given on a first date or to someone in which only a casual relationship is taking place. Pink roses, however, are expressions of friendship and platonic love (in addition to elegance, grace, and sophistication). They should be given when beginning love is on the horizon and/or for admiration. Yellow roses are all about infidelity and jealousy. They can also symbolize a finishing love. There is a legend surrounding yellow roses which involves the Prophet Mohammed; while away at war fighting, he could think of nothing else but his wife Aisha, whom he believed was being unfaithful. Mohammed went to the archangel Gabriel for help and he suggested that upon returning home, Mohammed should ask his wife to drop whatever she is carrying into water as a test of her love and .mitment. If she was in fact faithful, the object would remain the same color and thereby prove her unconditional love. When Mohammed finally returned from war, his wife came running to greet him carrying a large bouquet of red roses. As Gabriel advised, he demanded that Aisha drop the roses into the the river; when she did, they turned saffron yellow in color. While Mohammed went on to f.ive his wife, yellow roses have remained a symbol of infidelity ever since despite the fact that in more modern times, they have been associated with friendship. It’s likely this new meaning was simply invented by rose producers so as to help in promoting the color. Silver roses have no ‘hidden’ meaning in them like the real thing does. Silver roses can be given to anyone at anytime during the year whether it’s to express love or just simply because the recipient is deserving of them for one reason or another. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: