Silver case: the high Chengyong time-space fragment – Sohu news in the past time, Gao Chengyong left traces and information is not rich, limited information and his cruel killing form of extreme drop. At this moment, trying to find even the pieces of information, is the proper way of the media. Between Gansu and Baiyin is Qingcheng, overlapping the Loess Low Hill, Gansu Qingcheng town Zhang Lei photography opened on the souvenir shop Ceng Cailing remember, Gao Chengyong is a man of great learning is not online, the so-called "one of the best achievements, no matter. They are Qingcheng school alumni, the latter is taller than her level, in 1985 fell to her class tuition, or repeat. At that time, and even had customized ringing tone also don’t speak with male students, "men and women could not communicate between man and woman" thought in the town middle school class thick solid does not open, but at least she will remember some of the top students. "He’s a medium, not even a word, just playing with a disabled student." Gao Chengyong likes to throw a female classmate with a lump of earth, but in the atmosphere of the adolescent era, which is a lot of boys attracted the attention of the magic weapon. In addition, he is just a habit of low head, as if there is gold on the ground, or hard work. 1985 class that there are 8 students admitted to the University, the best in the Beijing Normal University, the class of the 40 can be described as amazing. Then a repeat session down four years five years There are plenty of people who, are rare, high Chengyong test for two years and not only in the home. Until August 27th of this year, "Gao Chengyong killed" the news spread, known to the world. Later, when the students have customized ringing tone and asked: "you said the accident accident?" "Why don’t you? Too surprised." Gao four has moved to silver for 14 years, but the old classmates always be scanty of words in a "Fuga Qingcheng" WeChat group, "guessing ah very homely, can say". The last time she saw him was in the East Beach village last year, a classmate moved to warm the house, please Gao Chengyong to remember. In 1990s, the town people know that silver out of a murderous, specifically to kill the red woman. She said: "at that time the mother will not let us wear red clothes to silver, exhort to sleep at night against the door." Blink of an eye, the 28 years of the specter of the killer, and the eyes of the most unlikely to kill the next person to coincide. Out of the ancestral brother Gao Chenghai is only 21 years old, graduated from high school, he is 7 years younger than the high Chengyong. In 1990s, there is only one way out of the door, that is the college entrance examination. In 2014, the town to engage in tourism development, farmers will change along the street pavement type discharge door, Gao Chenghai removed the three room, a sofa bed, bedding cabinet has no place to put, a relative who introduced him to the outside year round Gao Chengyong, who readily promised him with things, give him with the key to the front door. "I never knew him. I don’t know his son walking down the street." Gao Chenghai stressed that, although the same family, but only a weak blood contact high house, not from distant relatives reunion. Deep in the Green Town, is the house where Gao Chengyong River village. Where the room.相关的主题文章: