Sichuan University professor who invented the "red net face artifact can catch students absent-minded nap 2012, because of a class" unarmed split brick "video, the young teacher Wei Xiaoyong night became popular in the computer science department of Sichuan University. Second years, because of class artifact invention "brush face punch", he once again into public view, almost become a "red net professor". Recently, the more than and 30 year old young college teachers and the new tactics — in every class, he would record the students’ listening video, and use facial recognition system, analysis of students’ listening level, attention or distracted, thinking or nap, all have no place to hide. After a lapse of four years, split brick professor Wei Xiaoyong came to engage in things, the effect has yet to be time tested. The picture shows Wei Xiaoyong, a young teacher at the Department of computer science, Sichuan University". The new invention of a new artifact class effect is good to see students "face" Wei Xiaoyong, known to students as "face artifact" — the use of facial expressions to capture video students, can analyze the class effect is good, Wei Xiaoyong called it "the analysis model of classroom behavior deep learning based on". September 9th morning, the day before the thirty-second teachers’ day, Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter visited Wei Xiaoyong’s laboratory. In the video, several students have a yellow box on their face, the head of the top of the "happy (happy)" and "neutral (general)" with their laughter, silence and change. At present, we set up only two kinds of expression, the future will be further subdivided." Wei Xiaoyong pointed to the dynamic video on the computer explained that this software can capture everyone’s facial expressions, and then distinguish and record, "a picture there will be a lot of people, we finally according to their average, the overall state of mind to record the current period"." According to these students’ face, Wei Xiaoyong can be counted, at what time the students have the highest enthusiasm, when students generally lack of interaction". "The effect is good, how to speak better, easier to be understood and accepted, it can be said, look at their ‘face’ know." Wei Xiaoyong said. By capturing the video of the students’ facial expression changes, you can analyze the effect of the class is good or not. Two small studies in the classroom the more active interpersonal communication, the better student achievement? Conclusion: Yes, although the face recognition system is not a particularly advanced technology, a series of artifact does not seem to be very serious, but in fact, their role is greater than imagined. Wei Xiaoyong’s brush face artifact, in fact not to punch, but from shortly after the advent, began to study on interpersonal relationship between students". "A student sitting in class, are not random, which is related to the level of interaction with other students in his class." Wei Xiaoyong found that some students fixed seats, fixed communication partners; some students and a number of circles have communication; some students more introverted, almost no interaction with the students…… "Brush face artifact" will be the students of the commonly used seats, and the communication of the students are recorded, the formation of the database, the final data analysis, you can draw the student’s character is introverted or.相关的主题文章: