Sichuan Luojiang a construction site collapsed 7 people were buried (Figure) – Sohu news site rescued lying on the board buried worker. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Chengdu in September 17,   (reporter Liu Zhongjun) 17 day at 1:50 in the morning, a production safety accident occurred in Sichuan Deyang county is the construction of a college campus Luojiang site, 7 workers were buried by the ongoing construction work site. One witness said the scene, the collapse site is under construction steel structure, the steel frame is carried on the concrete pouring construction, suddenly third overall collapse occurred, resulting in 7 under construction workers master by collapsing buried under siege. After the incident, the scene of the workers quickly launched rescue. There are 3 workers were rescued workers." Witnesses said there was no rescue workers buried. After receiving the alarm, the local police, 120 emergency personnel, government and other relevant departments rushed to the scene to deal with and rescue the buried. "Because of the steel and steel beam column collapsed out of order on-site search and rescue work is very slow." The witnesses said, as soon as possible to rescue trapped workers, the local mobilization of a professional rescue team rushed to the scene, do not give up hope. Number of personnel involved in the rescue search, in a corner to find a site collapsed trapped, rescue workers used rescue tools to rapidly rescue rescue, and a surface covering materials for cleaning. 17 at 2:35, the rescue workers were rescued successfully, waiting for one side of the first aid medical staff after a simple inspection of the bandage, the trapped were immediately taken to the hospital ambulance rescue 120. The production safety accident is known to have rescued 4 people buried, as well as the case of 3 workers buried unknown. As of press time reporter, the local authorities have not yet notified and release of the accident related to the disposal of the accident, investigation and casualties. Author: Liu Zhongjun相关的主题文章: