Sichuan Jiazhou prison strict illegally parked police involved guards immediately suspended – Beijing, Beijing, November 11 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Anyuan) 11, reporters from Sichuan province Jiazhou prison officials learned of WeChat, Sichuan Province, Chengdu Daily reported on Jiazhou prison in the prison police on the way to work with the police service parking and traffic police clashes in response to language. The Chengdu daily newspaper said in response: your client set entitled "Leshan a police stop guards stopped public contempt…… "One article, I have been informed of the prison, as follows: one is one of the contents of the basic truth; two is a prison Party Committee attaches great importance to the matter, that day the police involved have been suspended, the prison discipline inspection department has set up a special working group to investigate, according to the facts by the disciplinary provisions of serious treatment; three is to strongly support the traffic police law enforcement; four is carried out in the specification as a warning, police prison police in eight hours and special rectification activities; five are welcome to supervise the police police police discipline to maintain a good image of the police. It is understood that the Chengdu daily news client said: in November 10th, a Leshan police to stop the police illegally parked video online crazy pass, in the video, the police is full of contempt for the association between words. The client of the Chengdu Business Daily reporter multi confirmation, the police involved Jiazhou Prison Police Department of Sichuan province. The video shows a call in a traffic police dressed in police uniforms, police quickly drove away, can not stop here. The police said, he wants to change clothes, fast what fast. In the subsequent conversation, the police said: "if you still wear pants when I am a soldier, you are not born" "you are not my alarm the police found, you can not find" "I take seven thousand or eight thousand (salary), you get two thousand or three thousand". The entire video lasted about five minutes, and finally persuaded by passers-by, the police drove away. According to a number of businesses nearby confirmed that the video content is true, the time is November 10th at 13 PM, the site is located in the city of Leshan Minjiang Bridge bridge. Here there was no parking signs, then uniformed driver attitude is not friendly, overbearing. The Chengdu Daily reporter multi confirmation, the police involved Jiazhou Prison Police Department of Sichuan province. 11 am, the prison staff said that the matter is under investigation, the current prison is not an interview. The association is located in Leshan city traffic police brigade one Guan Mou squadron relevant responsible person said, this time being interviewed. It is reported that after the incident, the Prison Management Bureau of Sichuan province and Sichuan Province Prison Jiazhou attaches great importance to the police involved immediately suspended working group immediately set up an investigation to understand the situation, Sichuan province Jiazhou prison relevant responsible person said, according to the facts according to the disciplinary regulations strictly deal the police involved, resolutely support the police law enforcement, maintenance justice. (end)相关的主题文章: