Shushan’s new book exposure occupation arrows September [Abstract] A beta version of the "Shushan’s record" in late September that piece of information "arrows unintentionally" beta, it is reported that there will be no mystery hero debut. Today, the research and development, perfect world entertainment ZuLong (micro-blog) agent "Shushan misty record" will be revealed in late September years to open a piece of information "arrows unintentionally" beta, and the exposure of the new occupation, thousands of archers Ling, and build the game concept will be the first hit three magic epic, with new scenes of Fire Dragon Cave the open on-line version of the official website of the game player are or will a glimpse of magic at the junction of the scenery. It is reported that there will be no mysterious protagonist debut. "Shushan’s" arrow recorded "unintentionally" on-line version of the official website: first archer shushan.wanmei new occupation thousand Ling male original watch thousand thousand Ling [year-end world] as the Magic Arrow punish heart death game will open, thousand Ling background is also great background. At the dawn of the creation of the world, Pangu axe has been missing, Terran civil strife, and no amount of domain to 1000 Ling, but accidentally discovered the deep essence of the Pangu axe land, mixing road affected by the cultivation of lung qi, but people have been concerned about trends around Shushan, then began to choose as a disciple "Rye", thousands of years to 1000 Ling family report. A new fashion of thousands of thousands of Ling Ling is good at set point out the essence of the Pangu axe however the news leaked, Makai to open the two World Magic broken doors, they stole the lung qi to recast the Pangu axe by hand in order to find family 1000 Ling lung qi, on the one hand to stop the demon world. He came to Shushan with the right side. Good at using bows 1000 Ling family, the lung qi broke out at one point, one can punish the heart of death magic, such as fire bullets or ammunition. Thousands of people and inter service BOSS Ling Zhong Ling appeared calm [against thousands of strong woman hidden under the den Makai] epic open for the first time in early 8.8 on the Qixi Festival version, the opening of the new cold soul valley with his eternal snow world attracted many game player’s eyes, as everyone knows, in the calm behind countless way to destroy the disciples when the devil died of the army. Who also don’t know that, under the extreme cold cold soul Valley, there’s a huge rush of magma, fohn raging fire dragon cave. There’s now cold Yu Xuan Huang border soul cold underground scenery, the distance has two times before the battle of Shushan is too long, with a thousand Ling family coming, just know where the key Makai deployment is to, in the cold Valley at the broken soul split door, and the fire is probably Makai to the cave the key part of the human world. Fire Dragon Cave panorama [inter service BOSS detonated the League fight against the demonic emergency dispute] is the selection of elite, the new piece of information will not only open a new occupation, will update the new battlefield, new team, new equipment and new copy of falling in, play more. In which the Qixi Festival version of the line but the sleeping giant ice BOSS will also borrow from the game player hand success came in a new piece of information, as the mysterious force guards the door to the demon world, and the game player will launch desperate battle, PVP and PVE with high reward large activities for you to. This new group encountered magic after jade inter service battle alliance boss detonated two-dimensional code "Shushan misty book I相关的主题文章: