Shuangseqiu 16131st forecast period: two areas covering 16130 Sohu – even the double chromosphere red color ball lottery numbers: 031721232728201613 the most accurate predictor of red recommendation: No. 01-11: on a small code partition covering, red 03 in the missing 8 after coming out, the next phase of a partition award, Lord heating that ball number should be at 2 and above. Two district 12-22 number: two partition number out of the 1721, separated, re opened a code, the latest phase of the two area should focus on the even number of the back of the supplement should be considered. The three District No. 23-33: three division award number out of 232728 in the period, even produce a set of 3 prefix number overall out of stock, next should consider the three district cooling, 3 numerical prefix covering probability. Parity ratio analysis: the period of parity ratio is 5:1, the prediction of 5 odd 1 pair. And value analysis: nearly 5 period and the value of 74-122-94-104-119, the professional analysis, the current period of value and value range is from 89 to 119. 16130 basketball lottery number: 01 the analysis and prediction of basketball: nearly 5 basketball lottery number is 10-16-13-14-01, a small, odd basketball rebound, the next stage is likely to go the amplitude of basketball.相关的主题文章: