UnCategorized Health exams play an important role in staying healthy now and in the future. Both men and women obtain health exams for different reasons and some individuals will get more health exams than others will due to past medical conditions, etc. The question which is often asked is whether women should get more health exams than men or not. The following will answer this question along with highlighting what a general health exam usually entails. What Happens At A Health Exam? This exam is .mon topic and many people know what they generally entail however the specifics of a health exam may not be as readily known. Most of these consist of a head to toe exam of the individual along with a discussion as to their current state of health and inquiry into any health issues which may be bothering the patient. For both men and women, the doctor will usually take blood pressure, heart rate, check breathing and lung functions, weight, height and more. If at a walk in clinic Naples, the doctor will usually discuss good diet and exercise habits with the patient so that they can live the healthiest life possible. Do Women and Men Both Need the Same Amount of Health Exams? Although general wellness exams are extremely important for both men and women, women often get more health exams simply due to the different concerns for women. Both men and women will obtain the annual physical exam but women may also get their annual gynecological exam, annual breast exam and mammogram (if they are of a certain age). There are also other specialty exams needed for both men and women but these don’t have to be received on an annual basis. For men, a prostate exam may also be necessary in certain cases, based upon age and risk factors. If you are in need of any one of the health exams listed above and live in the Naples, Florida area, a walk in clinic Naples, Florida may be a good place to inquire about such exams. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: