The shop owner recalled 50 thousand of their own hot water bag once considered as new network fraud – in late September 13th 11, K9502 train from Chengdu train station exit. Sleeper compartment, 22 year old Qian Zhiwen staring at the phone from time to time, the finger quickly in the text box to knock down a string of text, and then click send. The other end of the message was a customer two years ago. "And finally a solution." Send text messages, Qian Long long sigh. In 2014, Qian Zhiwen, a sophomore in Jiangsu through the WeChat shop sold 58 bags of hot water, in August this year, he learned from the news, he was sold to a hot-water bag electrode type electric hot water bag countries prohibit the sale, can easily lead to accidents. After that, he began to take the initiative to contact the buyer a refund. In addition to SMS or phone has reached a refund with the customer, he has run Beijing, Jilin, Hunan, Sichuan and other places, Shanghai once, but there is a customer did not get, have to go again". Qian Zhiwen said that the entire refund process has been spent about 50 thousand yuan, while the hot water bag was sold only earn more than $1000. Currently, has recovered 30 to kind. "When the customer’s part is fixed, I will look for a hot water bag manufacturer." Before the Chengdu Daily reporter Du Yuquan Yan Xue photo journalist Tao Ke A made a special trip to Sichuan only to recover the defective products to Sichuan, Qian Zhiwen made a telephone call to the Chengdu Daily reporter, to accompany him to go: "I alone go (customers) will treat me as a liar." 13 at noon, the train arrived at Chengdu East Railway Station. Late for lunch, Qian Zhiwen and friend Xiao Zeng, Chengdu friend Xie nonstop address, Longquanyi East Road, the order of blue sky area. In the District, Qian Zhiwen found the buyer through security wang. Knock on the door a few times, Miss Wang slowly open the door to hear Qian Zhiwen, explained that she could not believe this person really will come to her, "in the beginning I thought is a liar, and the hot water bag is lost, also don’t want to get involved." Miss Wang said that in 2014 the purchase of this hot water bag in November, when there is no problem with the use, but I do not know where to go. In her impression, at the beginning of August this year, Qian Zhiwen began to send text messages to her, behind the phone several times, "I think it is very small, even once thought it was a scam. In fact, dozens of dollars really is not important, but he came from Jiangsu or quite unexpected." The same day, through consultations, Qian Zhiwen and Wang signed a disclaimer. The agreement, Miss Wang can not use the hot water bag, otherwise the accident himself bear responsibility, at the same time Qian Zhiwen returned 60 yuan of money. After a refund with Miss Wang, Qian Zhiwen also bought a train ticket to Bazhong. 11 pm, the train from Chengdu North station. On the way to Bazhong, money always lie not sleepy, side with other buyers text recall, while it is difficult to see the buyers worry Bazhong ms.. Do not want to, his fears come true. September 14th, Qian Zhiwen came to the work of Ms. Du, waiting for a long time, only from the guard.相关的主题文章: