Shh…… think of these years we have heard again said to the next generation of baby – Sohu directly above, is not nonsense, so geng! I remember when I was in college, my neighbor’s 18 year old boy asked his mother, "Mom, how did I get here?" His mother did not hesitate to say: "garbage collection." At this time, his father frowned and said: "you also when they are stupid ah?" The author lives in the countryside, the physiological knowledge is more weak, everybody does not laugh! I lingered for so many years in the garbage dump near, lengshi picked up a child. Every time you eat watermelon will be talking about: be careful tomorrow tomorrow long belly watermelon, head of watermelon vine school. For many years, I have been living in the shadow of watermelon seeds can not extricate themselves, seeking my own watermelon seeds. Lie long nose, I encountered a child basically know this is the truth of the "truth", and never warned their children around, regardless of domestic and foreign. Look, the children of foreign countries have a heart plug. Such improper guidance, is really too much, can not bear witness to hear, and still from the heart of the egg, we protest nothing useful, instead, we became, spread a new generation of similar lies on thinking, very fear!!!相关的主题文章: