Shenyang Zhongshan Plaza surrounding the museum, the Shenyang evening news as an important carrier of display of historical and cultural museum is a city in the punchline, it reflects the city’s cultural connotation and cultural tastes. In November 26th, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter learned from the provincial CPPCC, mining culture in the Republic of China, creating a multi cultural tourism, Shenyang intends to use 3 to 5 years, in Zhongshan square surrounding the construction of museums, museums, antique culture covers Bank Museum, ten Museum police museum. Build Shenyang tourism "The Belt and Road" Shenyang is a very rich historical connotation and cultural heritage of the city tourism. As the first national publication of the "tourist city", "the generation of the Qing Dynasty, the two emperors", "Republic of China northeast dudufu location", "Republic industrial eldest son" have left countless other historical sites. The provincial CPPCC Sun Tianzhu in the form of the proposal, open up "City Center for cultural tourism circle", deepen Shenyang "tourism city" "city tourism", which started in Zhongshan square historic buildings as the core of the city center of cultural tourism tourism zone, the formation of The Belt and Road and Zhongshan Road, it will be a new way to the and the surrounding area of cultural tourism. The proposal, Zhongshan square surrounding museums for the CPPCC members before the Shenyang municipal government to respond, will be based on the "speed up the national city construction planning center of Shenyang city (2014-2017)" and the spirit of the document, "The Belt and Road around Shenyang area (Zhongshan Road axis, South China Road, West Street, victory to the north, East and North Market Street flat) focus on four aspects, including perfecting area of leisure activities, to meet the leisure needs of tourists; build area entertainment system, enrich the leisure product supply; mining area of culture, creating a multi cultural tourism. Among them, the largest amount of information should be excavated in the area of the Republic of China culture, to create multicultural tourism. According to reports, the government support and leading enterprises, Shenyang plans to use 3 to 5 years, in Zhongshan square surrounding the construction of museums, covering the antique Culture Museum, museum, museum, building bank Police Museum, catering Museum, Sports Museum, Railway Museum, Hotel Museum ten Museum, full protection and utilization in Shenyang during the period of the history of the building, innovation and development of cultural tourism products in Shenyang. Around the "The Belt and Road New Pocket Park in addition to the new museum, Shenyang will be in the Belt and Road Initiative" within the area of the main street corner, large stadiums, shopping malls flow et al more space, from the New York Museum of Contemporary Art pocket park style building, leisure entertainment, parent-child activities, ecological sightseeing pocket park. At the same time, rich business casual shops. In the west, Taiyuan street, north market, Zhongshan square space, on the basis of retaining the original architectural style, around the antique city core text brigade elements, increase the Northeast Folk Custom Museum, antique shops, restaurants, coffee, theater stage and folk crafts workshop, workshop, fashion SPA club, slow delivery service other recreational formats, especially the market of north of Xin相关的主题文章: